2nd Interview for full-time teller position with BOA

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yaobaender in Fremont, California

90 months ago

Hello, everyone,
I have some questions about the teller position with BOA.
I applied about 3 weeks, did my first interview in San Jose, it was a group interview. After that, I filled out my background check form, and about 1 week ago, I received a call from the recuiter (the lady who did the interview with us). I was not able to answer the phone, and she left me a message about setting up a 2nd interview. I was trying to call her back for the past couple of days, it was always her voice box. I left her 3 short messages, and 2 emails.
I got 2 questions if you are working at BOA or can give some comments?

1. what is going on? is the lady avoiding me? I feel so strange because she asked me to call back "at earliest convinience"

2. she wants to set up a 2nd interview for me, does that mean I successfully past the background check?

Thanks very much!


Nataly9123 in Anaheim, California

56 months ago

I've just recieved a job offer but I was wondering where I get the background form ? Are they suppose to give it to me ? By email?


Star in Seattle, Washington

56 months ago

Hi I just received my job offer from bank of america. the recruiters are very busy and usually never answer the phone, the same thing happened to me and i missed their call. but i left one message and after 2 days she got back to me. just keep calm, it means she liked you enough to moved you to the next step. that doesnt mean you have already passed the background check. all it means is that you are getting a change to interview with the manager of the branch. hope this help.

and for the second question, your background check form is supposed to come in an email.


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