***Cintas is Anti-Union for a Reason***

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wonderingwanda in Saint Paul, Minnesota

124 months ago

I saw it all, before they wrongfully fired me. They made up annoying rules to affect employees they wanted out, knowing that these new rules would force people to quit. And if they couldn't force employees to quit, management screwed up their work and fired them. Management played favoites to the extreme, letting some employees skip work whenever they felt the urge.
This is one company that should be under investigation by the US government and I think I'll be the one to tip them off. This explains why the company is anti-union. Management and supervisors are too busy harassing and bullying employees to be bothered by a union. You'd be apalled if you got an insider's view of this place.They give raises baised on who happens to be the supervisor's favorite pet, not who is the best worker.


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