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do not work here in bridgewater, New Jersey

107 months ago

If you're looking for a job @ MetLife pertaining to finance/accounting I recommend that you think twice. You will be working very long hours regularly, not just in 'close' situations. The environment is negative, there have been several rounds of lay offs to date and, though they claim to do these in a dignified manner, I can confirm that in many cases they do not. And, sadly, even when you've been told you're laid off, they will do their best to get as much out of you as possible until the very last minute. The work is piled on to no avail. If you're looking for work life balance you don't want to come here, I don't know how this firm keeps ending up on lists like 'best places for moms to work', that's a joke.


Jim123 in Ft Worth, Texas

105 months ago

No kidding! I was informed that I was being laid off TWO MONTHS before my last day of work.

In order to qualify for unemployment compensation and the severance package, I had to stay until the LAST DAY. Oh I was so mad I could spit!

I was required to train my replacement in order to avoid being fired. That's right, they weren't eliminating my job like the letter from HR said (bunch of butt-covering liars) -- they were eliminating ME because I made more money than entry level. Well, duh, what did you expect, I had been working there several years. I had been told that my services would be very helpful in Bridgewater. I guess not.

My replacement was a recent college grad and had been working for just one year.

I caved and did what they wanted just for the money and now I'm sorry I did. I foolishly assumed that if I walked out that I wouldn't get a good reference. It wasn't until later that I found out that HR will only confirm that someone worked there from this date to that date. They will not release any more information. Darn it!

Out with the old, in with the new!

If I had a time machine, I would go back to that day, hand over my laptop and badge, and tell my boss "you want this work done on the cheap? Then do it yourself. I QUIT."


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