How long is too long to wait for job proposal?

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girlgigi in San Francisco, California

87 months ago

I need advice as to what to do about following up after having two great job interview, having flown to a different country(my expense), and still four weeks later no response. This is the scenario: I applied for permanent residence to this country, so I was going to relocate there anyways, eventually: a few months before my relocation(personal reason) I was contacted by this company asking if I had moved there yet and if so, would I be available for an interview. I explained that I had not, but that I would be available anyway, I figured I could fly there and take the opportunity to look at apartments. My initial interview was over the phone before having traveled there, and it went really great. The second interview was in person and that too went really great. I was told that the company was very interested and that i would be receiving a proposal shortly thereafter. Its been 4 weeks and I have not received anything yet. Ive been corresponding with them and was told that They've been busy to expect something soon. So from the time of the interview to the time that I would be moving there, it would be about 2 months time: My theory is that maybe they are not in a really big rush to offer something yet given their knowledge that I will not be arriving for another month and a half. So the last correspondence was 2 week ago and was told that i should receive something be the end of the week, which I did not. I will be moving there in one month and a half and was wondering what feedback I can be given on the situation. I would like to know if I will be offered a job or not, I was just wondering if I should give it more time perhaps closer to my departure date to contact them again?


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