USAA Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at USAA?

What do you like best about working at USAA? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?


jmclaug76 in Little Rock, Arkansas

125 months ago

I've applied for a position and I was hoping to hear a few more details on the relocation package as I currently live in Arkansas. Can you shed any more light on the package? For example, do they help with costs of selling your old home and/or buying a new one (commissions, closing, etc.)? Also, do they assist w/ moving expenses? Are things handled via lump sum, directly paid for, or reimbursed? Any additional detail would be greatly appreciated.


bonchesva in Chesapeake, Virginia

122 months ago

I am unpleasantly surprised. I would have guessed maybe $500k per year. This is really sad, since USAA is a "member owned" company. Mr. Davis continually gave speeches on how we "must" do better, etc. and reminded employees in several of his meetings that people in India and other foreign countries are willing to do the same work for a fraction of what the US pays its employees. This is very disappointing. Since he left however the air is lighter and employees seem to be much more motivated, at least in the Norfolk, Virginia office.


2250 in Tampa, Florida

60 months ago

I worked in the Tampa office. In 2000 we were given a speech by the then VP of claims telling us that he had seen a show on Nat Geo showing that the younger of the breed most often killed off the older members.Unless you played basketball with him before work each day you were on the hit list. Sure enough, with-in a year almost everyone I knew who was over 50 was let go. They brought in new unseasoned employees and created a computer program to tell them what a claim was worth. They were not permitted to properly evaluate a claim only follow the rules like lemmings. I had cancer and was given the excuse that I was missing too much time but since it was not work related I could not collect disability. Since Fl is a right to work state, they can fire you for wearing the wrong color shirt. As a matter of fact there was a cross dresser there that was fired for just that reason. In the beginning under McDermott his philosophy was that if you took care of the employees they would take care of the members and it worked. Under Davis that went 180 degrees and now with Robles I doubt the corporate culture will change.


Janetta Purifoy in New Braunfels, Texas

58 months ago

I have been offered a position with USAA and was wondering a little bot more on their benefits.
I know employees receive a holiday and performance bonus but are all employees entitled to it and do you have to work for the company for a certain amount of time before you can receive those bonuses?

I also heard that if you elect not to participate in their health or dental plans they give you that money back in your salary. How does that work?

Any info would be appreciated!


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