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Jan in Birmingham, Alabama

127 months ago

One thing about being an admin that isn't good is the amount of competition in this field, such as clerical. I think it is very easy to learn software programs and become proficient in Office.

In addition, I notice less and less jobs in my local paper for admins. Even indeed scale on the forum shows a decline.

In addition, in my opinion this is a field where years of experience and education don't mean as much to an employer who is trying to get the best person the cheapest. What I see advertised is 3-5 years experience. Now I know there are jobs that rank Admin I, II, ect., but most general open jobs don't.

I do find that in the legal field, ie paralegal, salaries do begain to get much stronger as you get more experience.

What I would recommend for a good admin who wants to make more money and can take a tough environment (ie sometimes boss abuse) is get a entry level legal secretary job. Believe me, they are available because the legal secretary source is getting smaller and some firms will take a good admin and train them to legal. And then, if they want to they can get their paralegal ctf and sometimes make more.

I am VERY much for the increase in admin & secreterial salaries. I think they are held low because there is more "supply" than demand and they can always find people who can take it. Look at nursing salaries which have increased expotentially thru the years, in fact they even get sign on bonuses because there is a "shortage".

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