Finding out how to balance working for 6 people in 3 different departments while attending college.

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DB in Baltimore, Maryland

123 months ago

I joined a family office as an admin asst. and my major in school is Paralgeal. I have been with the company for 8 months now and trying to balance the duties of an admin asst. while attending school is not easy. has anyone ever found out how to manage the workflow from 3 departments and 6 other individuals/


Patricia in Ottawa, Ontario

122 months ago

Being absolutely organized! I work for two busy lawyers and sometimes they run me off my feet, but I keep organized and it keeps me on top of things and in control. When they see me in control they relax and know I will get it done.

You definitely have your hands full. I'm not sure how much work each of these individuals give you, but I am assuming they allocated that many people to one assistant because each person only generates so much work and they assume one person can handle it. I think it would be impossible to work full-time for each of those six people and manage efficiently.

If you do find it overwhelming it may be worth it to speak to your HR manager and see if they can distribute the work more evenly or hire someone to help out.



dlegal in Baltimore, Maryland

122 months ago

I try to stay as organized as I possibly can. I work in a family office and the work we do is for about 50 clients. The work is unreal. The only problem is that everyone gives me assignements at the same time and I have to prioritize based on who gave what and that doesn't always work.

My job position never existed before so all of the ovverflow I have to take care of on top of managing the numerous fileslocated in our small office. I have no storage space and really no work space. I am the only admin in the office.

Does anyone know of a free project managment program. I really need one to label all the work I do and see how long it will humanly take with interruptions to complete a task.


KR in San Francisco, California

122 months ago

Organization and communication are essential. Here's an article I found to help you out:

It gives good general advice.


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