Would a company give you chance to work with them if you haven't done the work in a long time?

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Harold in Boston, Massachusetts

138 months ago

What I would do if I was in this situation is to give him some time on the job with someone who still at his best and try to let the other person build himself back up some comforts.


dj722009 in Monroe, Wisconsin

111 months ago

I agree with Harold, most places will let you do this. They actually recommend it. Even if you have experience in this field, you still need to learn what equipment and bugs they have.


michael in Taylors, South Carolina

103 months ago

I have been in the industrial maintenance field for 26 yrs. I've been out of plants for 5.5 years now.I want to give it another shot while i still can. I'm approaching 50 years of age.I'm afraid those "young and dumb" bucks with a degree and no hands on will still have a better chance. I's unfortunate.


JCM in Tampa, Florida

101 months ago

There is always a demand for talent. I found that if you have done it before, its like riding a bike. And plus there are so many "as you say" young bucks that get the job, however they really cannot perform the task that is only achieved with years of experience. I have worked in the industry for 38 years and I just enjoy training the technicians who need to advance to the next level. There is too much emphasis on job security and Companies need to use the older experienced people to get their house in order to train the upcoming generation. A college degree is just a piece of paper that can get you in the front door. It basically says" you are teachable". Experience is something you develop of years of making mistakes and perfecting the skills. They cannot teach that in college. So, yes you are still valuable. so are so many older Engineers that could teach in plants and give companies a "1" up on global competition.


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