Nursing school: should i accept?

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Mokey in Redding, California

68 months ago

So I was just recently accepted into a nursing school in California. I always thought that was what I was supposed to do but I was not expecting to get in. I made plans to go back to my old college and do the premed route but I know a lot of people would kill for this spot. I'm not ungrateful, just doubtful. I feel like through my studies (anatomy, micro, bio, etc.) I've learned to push myself harder, something I've never really done. And I enjoy learning it now, I like the income of knowledge. I'm not saying that doctors are better, I just feel like I have the time and patience and discipline enough do it. Any advice?


blueshadownurse in bay area, California

68 months ago

First off, congratulations on being accepted! You are one of the few that were accepted so I would take that as a compliment.

There are probably a lot of people wishing they were in your position where they were accepted into school, but in the end I understand you have to do what you think is right for you and where you feel most comfortable.

Don’t make a decision you are going to regret later in life, if you want to do premed do it, but if you want to do nursing do that! If you do give up your nursing spot then it will become open to someone else that knows they really want to be a nurse.

I know it's going to be a difficult decision, but good luck to you on whatever you decide.


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