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Tabitha in Chula, Georgia

101 months ago

I see jobs all over the place for NWYC National Write Your Congressman, but I cant find any independent information on them.

I was recently hired by them, and I am learning the script. I start in two weeks with a trainer in the field. I was wondering if any one has actually worked in the field for them? They seem like a great company with great people - and they are not the least bit a scam organization.

I just want to hear from a current or former salesperson for them, to see if $50,000 a year is the standard. I have no experience in outside sales, so this is a new experience for me.



wallaceagriffithiii in University Park, Illinois

101 months ago

Addressed to: Tabitha in Chula, GA

Tabitha, I am not a current or previous sales rep for NWYC, I was recently contacted by a recruiter from there organization a few days ago. I have since started to research information about NWYC and I came across this Blog.

From your post, it looks as though you are in your second or third week of is it going?

Do you have any positive feedback at this stage of your training?

What does the annual membership cost?
What is the commission % payout?
Have you learned the script?
Are you going to stick with it and finish the training?

Good luck....



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