I'm a Personal Banker, Not a Writer, part. 2

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donnahooker in Fort Worth, Texas

116 months ago

This might seem like a lot of work for just a forum post, but I want my posts, and articles, to be of the highest caliber, so this is the process we use. And I want my readers to know that what they?re reading are my own words put into a readable format by my husband. I?ve never had an interest in writing, but his key interest in life, after his family, is writing. (You can check out his Web site at www.automotivecopypro.com.)

The only reason I?ve taken an interest now is because I want to use my banking and credit union experience to help other PBs and those who want to enter the profession, and Mike has agreed to help me do it. I might add that while I?ve been developing my PB career, I?ve helped my hubby earn an associate?s, a bachelor?s and two master?s degrees, so he owes me, don?t you think?

I?m in the initial stages of developing a blog, and I?ll let everyone know when it goes live. It?s not going to be a stream of consciousness blog; there are waaaay too many of those. My blog will be devoted to personal bankers and personal banking.

Best wishes to all,



Kimletitgo in Boise, Idaho

100 months ago

I have posted quite a few comments but I have not seen anything from you in about 8 months. I would love to know what your blog is. I find your thoughts to be exactly what I am looking for to learn in my new position at Chase. Please let me know when and where I can get some more.


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