Isn't it a waste?

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Why do Some pay for PT schooling? in Warwick, Rhode Island

59 months ago

I've been doing some research about this field, and I've come across a lot of discussiona about people talking about taking classes at a local school in order to get a job as a PT.

I'm 18, and I just got hired at CVS as a Pharmacy tech with absolutely no experience. All I had to do was apply for a license from my state, (which is just all my information and $25, no test, no qualifications, etc.)

Isn't it a waste to go to school to get these jobs?

I know it might be different for a hospital pharmacy because you might have to be IV certfied, and that you need classes for I assume, but CVS hired me and is willing to train me all the way and pay for my test to become a CPhT within three to six months of my date of hire. (In addition to giving me a raise when I pass that test.)

I got hired at $9.75, and will make at least ten when I get certified.

Just thought I'd share the story for others who are thinking about spending a lot of money on this field when there just trying to get into a retail pharmacy!


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