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stanploof in Livermore, California

110 months ago

I am a seasoned Construction Manager with 20+ years of experience. I typically manage large and very complex projects. One of my most recent projects was the construction of the infrastructure for the new town of Mountain House, CA. This community was built on 5000 acres of vacant farmland and had NO utilites available at the site, everything had to be built from scratch.

Team building was the single most important aspect of this project. It began with the design team and continued to the construction phase where there were as many as 15 different contractors, representatives from the design team and 6 utility providers most of whom were accustomed to smaller projects where they were typically the alpha dog. On this project my company was the alpha dog and I needed to find a way to make everyone else 'feel' like an alpha dog in order for this project to move forward on a timeline consistent with company expectations.
By requiring all disciplines including the design engineers to sit in on a weekly progress meeting to find ways to identofy and eliminate jobsite conflicts, material delays, scheduling problems and personell issues everyone felt they were an integral part of the development team, and they were. Everyone had a say and at the end of each meeting I would make decisions based on input from all parties.
This approach was extremely successful as is evidenced by the 3,300 lots sold to 3 major builders, national project recognition and ultimately a 12,000 lot $900M sale to a National Home builder.
When asked, 'Define a Project Managers job in 2 words or less', I typically respond 'Facilitator or Orchestra Leader'.
Log onto to see the scope of this project. It was the most complex and interesting project I've ever been involved in and it could not have been as successful as it was without a solid team in place.

Has anyone else had this type of team building experience?


khan in Brooklyn, New York

83 months ago

Sir my name is Khan so i am doing business at construction so now i wana works with bank know plzz get back to me.


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