Question: leveraging side business in job search

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OverlyAmbitious in Saint Louis, Missouri

90 months ago

A question to any experienced recruiters out there:

I am a relatively young professional who has advanced to the highest position I can reasonably expect at a healthplan/IT firm as an analyst, given my employer's structure and policies. I have been dissatisfied with the organization for some time, after offers for management positions were reneged upon. I have waited for and attempted to rectify my issues with the organization to no avail. I am currently in the process of receiving a semi-promotion (though it is effectively a lateral move), and I do not expect I will be satisfied in my new position.

I founded and began operating a small construction corporation on the side, shortly over a year ago. I now have roughly 15-20 employees at any given time, executing large commercial contracts, and am preparing to post a healthy profit. My current employer is unaware of this. My business is to the point that it requires minimal involvement from me. This is surely a profitable business, but I am finding construction is not where my passion lies. I prefer the more modern industry of software development for a number of reasons.

My question to any professional recruiters is this: is it inadvisable for me to use my position as president/owner of a successful side business to leverage myself into a higher tiered position in a different industry? I feel my resume would benefit in the areas of management experience and devising/implementing holistic strategies, while being a testament to my general competence. I understand this would make me a potential flight-threat as well.

Risk vs reward: I would not consider it a setback if I were unable to catapult myself up 2 tiers in a software development environment, and continued to operate as president of my own organization for some time.

I have sought the counsel of several advisors but feel that there is bias one way or another, and would like an impartial opinion. Thanks in advance for your input.

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