Re-entering the field after 10yrs off...?

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Glenn in Golden Valley, Arizona

83 months ago

I used to be a Software engineer on Stratus mainframes for 15yrs and just starting on the Unix and server software in C the last couple years before I "retired".

Due to the current economic climate, I found it necessary to re-enter the workforce, however I am not getting anyone to hire me based on my 10yr hiatus. Seems like all the job ads that I see these days all ask for at least 6 different skill sets (all of which I don't have).

I just can't believe that having been in the industry for 15yrs that I could be of no value. Does my age of 44 have anything to do with it? Perhaps I need to take some courses?

Since no one will hire me to get my skills "current", does anyone have any suggestions as to what I need to do to get myself marketable again?

Thanks in advance,


Ron in Davenport, Florida

74 months ago

I am in your exact same situation. You may have to somehow bring your skills up do date yourself and take a contractual assignment or two. Then you can get your resume together for a corporate job. Not much to grab on to for advice but certainly something to think about


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