Computer Science Internship

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rob in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

84 months ago


I'm currently a rising junior and I'm worried about internships that I'll pursue next summer.

I attend a respectable university, and my GPA is a 3.12 right now. (had a bad freshmen year and its been increasing since) I expect it to be about a 3.2 by the end of the Fall semester when I'll be applying for internships. I have a business minor, and my ideal internship position would be a position building financial software, which a few fortune 500 companies offer.

I'm very worried about my ability to attain such a position, as my GPA isn't the greatest and I'm not really from the part of the city where I can come remotely close to successful connections. I'm working to add extracurricular CS projects into my schedule this summer, although I'm taking a lot of summer classes. I'm currently picking up Android Development which I think will help me out. I'm also planning to
learn to use some popular business trading software.

I'd love to hear suggestions and past experiences from people, any would be greatly appreciated! On a side note, for interviews are specific programming questions ever asked or are they general?



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