The life of becoming a Waitress

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xXDevilsGuardianXx in Germantown, Maryland

83 months ago

Ok im 18 years old, about to go to college, need some money asap,im planning on waitressing at Applebees.This would be my first job if i make it though the interview.
i just need some help on a few things.

1) for those who recently became a waiter/waitress how was the interview like? what kind of questions did they ask you?
2)is waitressing easy at first?
3)how much do you get tipped?
4) have any tips for me?

i really need this job ~


madihaun in Fayetteville, Arkansas

82 months ago

waitressing is not easy at first and doesn't get "easy". at a place like applebees I'm sure they will be very busy on the weekends where it can get very stressful but thats when you come home with the most cash. it is not an easy job but if you like people like i do.. you'll LOVE it. i looked forward to going to work.

tip? when people are rude to you, don't take it personally. they don't know you. and they will never see you again.


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