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Dudi in Timisoara, Romania

86 months ago

Hello everyone.
I would like to volunteer teaching in Africa or Asia. The problem that I meet all the time is the program fee. Most of them are not very affordable.
Does anyone know some low-cost volunteering programs?
Thank you


aliise@*****.*** in K√łge, Denmark

83 months ago

Hey Dudi,

We have an amazing volunteer program, finishing wich you would also get a university degree.

Here is a little discription:

Development Instructor Fighting With the Poor (24 month)
[With or without B-degree Fighting with the Poor] It is 24 months program with 5 different periods:

1st period is 6 months with training and studies of international relations specializing in Nord/South, Richer and The Poor.
2nd period is 3 months with fundraising, working, saving and preparing for travel.
3rd period is 3 months travel in trio or solo or double team to destination in third World.
4th period is 6 months of work in Humana People to People development project as trio.
5th period is 6 months with presentations, actions and journalism in public arena.

To enroll, You need to pay 2500 EUR and come one week before the program starts.
If you have problem to pay school fee, we would like to disscuss with you and help you to find solutions and join the program.
During Your second period You will work, do street fundraising or saving up to cover program expenses. All what You earn, you will put together and decide how to use the best way. Part of the money will go to school to cover running expenses, part will be used for transport and study materials, part will be used for travel expenses [plane tickets, travel insurance, malaria prophylaxis etc.].

This program will starts only in 1st of February, 2012.

If you are still interested, please write me to this e-mail: aliise@lindersvold.dk


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