Unemployed in Minnesota

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ed in Minneapolis, Minnesota

89 months ago

I don't know about others in this situation but trying to acheive employment within this field is crazy. You spend "long green" to attend seminars and training only to discover that potencial employers think that your expertise and training is only worth 20-30 thousand.
One spends years "honing" skills related to the premises one is accountable for. Then reporting to people who have not any idea as to the building nor its operational cost. But yet they want this experience and knowledge for just 20-30 thousand a year.
Where is the value of experience? Where is the employer who wants someone that is creative, innovative and has experience outside of HVAC filter changes and boiler chemical balances?
Why do people or tenants think that when you go home that buildng is left behind surrounded by parking lot and landscape. How come most do not understand that building managers have that buildng in the back of their mind all the time like a child. And possible employers want you to perform this job 24/7 for 20-30 thousand.
At my last employment I was the first one callled regardless. If the alarm was set wrong, to actual break-ins. I made it a point to know what happened when, through documentation or actual visit. Now the new manager does not answer his cellphone after four o'clock or on weekends. It is obvious that the value of dedication, accountablility, and responsibility are vague or are no longer included within the position. Maybe that is the reason for the lowering of pay. Dedication and accountablility cost the owners too much.
So what's your story? Is it better where you are? Or are you still looking too?


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