Licensed Massage Therapists - What Should Pay Be For First Job?!?!?

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cyulove in Tennessee

61 months ago

I just got my license for massage therapy in Tennessee. I applied to a local Dayspa in a ritzy area of town. This dayspa won the people choice award 2 years in a row in our area.

Anyways, they asked me to do a practical massage. I did and they said I did very well and that I was a natural at it.

Well today they called and offered me the job but said I would have to go through training for 4 to 8 weeks and that I would make 10.00 a hour and work 25 hours a week. She said they will train me on their pattern, and go over massage and hot stone massage as well as other things.

I asked what my commission would be after I completed training and I was told - not sure it all depends on my performance and we would figure it out at that time.

10.00 seems low to me. Am I wrong? What was your pay arrangement on your first real massage job? Please help cause I'm feeling anxious about the low pay per I am 34 and doing a career change and really need more money than that in the long run!!!

Thanks ahead of time!!!!


brittanyvthomas in Lafayette, Indiana

61 months ago

I am not a massage therapist but I am a cosmetologist and I work with a few massage therapists. I can tell you that when I started working at my salon I had to go through an assistant program in which I basically job shadowed an experienced stylist and she taught me things that beauty school never taught me. This was a year long program and I only made $7 an hour for that whole year. It was a long year but worth it. Once I was done, I got to be on my own and make pretty good money. They started me out with 40% commission. The first few years it was hard to build a clientele...but now almost 7 years later I can tell you my commission has been raised and my clientele is very stable.

The massage therapists that I work with make a lot of money. They are always busy and hardly ever have time for a lunch break. They make around 60k a year. I would say 10 dollars isn't too bad for just starting out. You will learn a lot and it may be boring at first but it will be worth it. Do not feel discouraged if your clientele is low, it takes years and years to build!


Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

52 months ago

Some new massage therapists will actively seek jobs at higher end luxury facilities, such as a spa in a Ritz Carlton or a Four Seasons hotel. You may think that these facilities pay a good wage because their clientele pay so much more for a massage experience. The truth is that these facilities often pay a much lower wage, sometimes as low as $15 an hour. Shocking? This is true. But if you think about it, these facilities have a high operating cost of business. The price their clientele is paying includes the price for the atmosphere, the facility itself and the overall ambience.

For a massage therapist however, while the wages may be lower, tips can sometimes be quite significant depending on the clientele that stops in. Many high net worth business executives, celebrities and athletes only go to these types of facilities. These types of clients are generally more generous as well when it comes to tipping. That said, tipping is never guaranteed.

So why would a new massage therapist seek a job at a luxury hotel or a reputable high end spa? The answer is because of the long term benefits such a job offers. Having a couple years or so of experience in such jobs looks amazing on a resume. These facilities are highly desirable, and potential employers seek out massage therapists who have had experience at these facilities. High end facilities are also known to train well and instill a higher level of customer service etiquette in the practitioner, a skill set that is also highly desired and sought after by potential employers. The short term sacrifice can really pay off in the long term. Not only will you have an easier time finding your next job, but you will likely also command a higher wage.

Hope that helps


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