Need a Job in Atlanta

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Jilloftrades in Atlanta, Georgia

90 months ago

I have many professions I can fall upon and yet, I still cannot find work. I have a background as a Bartender, Server, Admin Assistant, and a Sales Manager for an Internet Technology company. I have had to take odd jobs, temp jobs etc... over the last 3 years, and that has actually HURT me when a job checks my background. They think I am a job hopper when in fact, I'm just trying to keep my house! Any help out there?


your neighborhood relocator in Jonesboro, Georgia

77 months ago

coco cola and southwest airline, air serv are hiring.


squirrelonfire in Atlanta, Georgia

76 months ago

Haha. The cover letter is a waste of time.

Unless the hiring company SPECIFICALLY requests a cover letter, DO NOT create one. I work at Coke and I talk to the Coke hiring managers everyday. They told me you do what they tell you. Because the extra does not count.

For example if they are hiring a receptionist, then your resume will fail if you were the President of the U.S ok? The cover letter won't help if your qualifications aren't there.

Also stop with the resume spamming you spammer. This is a forum, not an advertising spot.


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