What's next? Death?

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Stallworthonline in Decatur, Georgia

76 months ago

Good afternoon everyone. As you read this you assume I'm a good person. You stand in front of me and behind me in line at the store, you greet me with a smile as your pumping gas into your car, you serve me at a restaurant and I leave you a thank you tip, you take my money at the teller window...get my drift? However, what you don't realize is that not only am I a convicted felon, I'm a sex offender. Oh! You say? I heard the gasp! Because I was doing something online in a cam chat room designed for adults only and a undercover cop came in, saw me, said hello and I responded now I'm a sex offender. I should have asked their age before exposing myself is what they say. Well duh...it's an adult chat room! So here I sit. I've served no jail time, done my three years probation and have maintained a good standing while on probation. I'm 39 years old and my life was absolutely wonderful before all this. I had a nice car, had a nice house and money in the bank with a very nice job making a pretty good salary. Now it's all gone, renting from my parents and working for a company that struggles itself and is about to close.

I've had several very nice job offers until they get to my background. All the jobs on my resume check out with high regard. All my personal references check out good too. You run my background and tell me I'm not good enough? I was good enough to get offered the job until you pull a piece of paper now I'm not good enough?

What does society expect? When we are convicted why don't they just go ahead and stick a needle in our arm and fill us with the same stuff they do to death row inmates. They might as well!


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