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guyfromboston in Framingham, Massachusetts

118 months ago

Hi frnds,

I have over 4 years of experience in IT industry. I love programming, have excellent communication skills. I was working for a very big organization but there it was more politics and less challenging job.
I thought of changing job to a smaller startup company. Here I have respect, people appreciate my work and I have challenging role. But, I want to continue higher studies. I expected it to be 9-5 or max 9-7 job so that I can take out time on weekends for my higher studies. But here my manager wants me available 24x7 and they expect me to work on weekends also.
Now I am applying for last 2 weeks for various companies and there is no call for interviews :(...
Life just sucks...Dont know if you can help..but I just wanted to blow it out...



johnwhalen in Wayland, Massachusetts

117 months ago

Check out www.jobaphiles.com a site designed for college students to find jobs in the Boston area. There are jobs postings that fit your needs--companies that need part-time programmers.


indo in Lynn, Massachusetts

117 months ago

I myself- Contractor, all the work in and all around boston, contracts{if you can call it a contract, verbal} are being giving to certain people that dont even belong in this Country are giving these jobs for half the cost!!!! bad workman ship, but are willing to work 12 to 15 hrs. a day, i had a bad season this year. I don't own my own company yet, but i will, and i wron't hire somebody without the right papers to be here, and could speak our native lang....everybody whats to take short cuts,by hiring fly by night painters. Lets take care of our own. thats all i have to say!!!!!!


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