Best schools in charleston south carolina?

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Where are the best schools or school districts in charleston south carolina?

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Bob in Charleston, South Carolina

95 months ago

Yep...same Bob as before. So...basically the conclusion is, send your kids to private school, or if you cannot afford that, then don't move here. It really is that simple...

Unfortunately, most of the private schools also FAIL because of the snobbishness, which is brought to a new art form in Charleston. Southern hospitality my ass, this is a "stab you in the back if you don't fit the country-club model" kind of place. You know, the kind of people who live for having their pictures published in the "society" section of the paper and hiding their viperous ways behind their donations to good causes.

You could gamble on one of the "magnets" but I'm not a gambling man.

We have had the best luck with the Catholic private school offerings. I am not a religious person, they just have more real people and good kids. Also, they are a little better with diversity with the Latino population being included. Also, you can achieve a better sense of community, even if you don't drink the Kool-aid.

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Bob's Dad in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

88 months ago

Bob in Charleston, South Carolina said: There it is!! Great to hear the final gasps of the old south echoing in the present. Emphasis on final and old. Don't worry folks it'll be gone soon, drowned out in only a couple of quick generations. Thank God and thoughtful humanity.

By the way, I'm a local, my family and I just never bought what y'all were selling.

"Final gasps of the South?" Boy, you Yanks have been waiting for that for a century and a half. Guess what? We're still here. You won the war and got to write the history books, but you can't change freedom of thought until you manage to put chips in our heads. Now THAT'S what is probably only a "couple of quick generations" away. But you have managed to censor our speech with your so-called 'hate speech' laws. You ARE Big Brother. There is no difference. Why don't you take a look forward a little more and stop thinking all of your problems lie with the past or, more specifically, that somehow poor, uneducated white people are ruining your country?? What are we going to do when we all live in exactly the same kinds of houses, make exactly the same amount of money, never say anything or do anything offensive to anyone, are all the same color because one color might be viewed as more attractive or desirable than another, have all of our children bred via test tubes or cloning because sex is demeaning to women, have our children educated by state schools because we're not responsible enough to raise them in society's best interest, etc., etc., etc.? Won't we just be machines then (back to the brain chips above)? What happens to free will then? Old South? You bet. I'm raising my children to fight you and yours, and their children will continue to fight you. We're not going anywhere, carpetbagger.

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