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sam in Minneapolis, Minnesota

120 months ago

Joseph in Iowa City, Iowa said: This is for a college project, This is not for business or profit. Please help.

1) What is your age? 22
2) Do you have a college degree? y
3) Do you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul? n
4) Do you work in Minneapolis, St. Paul or the surrounding area? y
5) Do you go to the gym regularly? n
6) Do you recycle? y
7) Do you purchase food from vending machines? y
8) What is most important to you in a snack? (PriceThis) (brand) (Healthy)
9) On average how much do you spend on a snack? 2.00
10) How much time do you spend at your workplace per week? 40h/wk
11) How many times per week do you purchase a lunch? 2-3
12) If both were available, which would you be more likely to purchase?
(Health Foodthis) (Junk Food)
13) Would you purchase a hybrid vehicle if it was the same price as a non hybrid vehicle? y
14) Do you consider yourself a “Hippy� n
15) Which of the following is your income based on? (Salary) (Hourlythis)
16) Do you have children?___n____ If so, how important is it to you that they eat healthy? (Not Important) (Somewhat) (Extremely Important)
17) Do you purchase water every day? n
18) How many times per week do you eat out? 0-1
19) How many vehicles does your family own? 5
20) Do you consider long term health effects when purchasing food? (Nothis) (Sometimes) (Always)
21) Do you enjoy snacking throughout your day? (No) (SometimesThis) (Always)
22) Do you eat three square meals a day? (No) (Sometimes) (AlwaysTHIS)
23) How many times per week do you purchase a snack while outside of your home? (gas stations, work, school etc..) (0) (1-3) (4-7THIS) (more)
24) Did you know that it is Girl Scout cookie season?



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