how is the job market in the Syracuse area for office work?

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Clark Simson in Syracuse, New York

104 months ago

I am one who has bean looking for employemnt in the office field, to be exact it is alpha computing that I am most interested in looking forword in work in.

How many office work is there in the records department? I have bean trying to find such work since the year 1990, as of now have never found such oppening. Might there be was to truly see if there are any option in the Syracuse area?

I am asking for you see it almost seems that the work in the state of NY is only in the West, the Rochester and Buffalo area then the CNY or Syracuse, Utica, and Roome area.

Might the be a way to see how much options there might be in the Central area? Still it almost seems that the Western distract does have more to offer then there is in the Central distract. Is the only way of finding out is going to the New York State Employmont Offices. That really is not as bad as just seeing what the local paper has to offer.

Well I will be saying solong for now. It was nice contacting you, I do hope that I might hear from you soon. At least before the second cemester of this school year. You can tell I'm lost what I might be taking then at the Syracuse Universtiy studies.

Thank you,

Clark Simson


sburns in Syracuse, New York

96 months ago

To be brutally honest with you Clark, I think that your poor spelling and grammar are working against that goal for you. The economy isn't exactly booming here, but you're not even going to be considered for anything clerical. Your writing is horrible. Your records would be full of errors, which can lead to serious problems. Do yourself a favor and either learn to spell and use written English correctly, or focus on a different career goal.


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