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Personal Assistant - might be a job scam?!

I know some of you might have a similar situation like this, but I still want to share my story. I moved to Chicago 3 weeks ago and applied for...

419 2 minutes ago NataliaW
Career Advice

Are you tired of applying for hundreds of jobs online and getting no response?

Are you frustrated applying for hundreds of jobs still waiting for a phone call back for an interview? Share your many jobs...

341 2 hours ago Ninkies in Montebello, California
Career Advice

Beauty: an advantage of disadvantage during interviews?

Do you think attractive women will have an easier time securing a position than their less attractive competition? Do you think a young,...

22 3 hours ago TJ1 in Kannapolis, North Carolina
Career Advice

Will a slight typo kill your chances with HR?

I'm unemployed and trying to hard to find my new job. I had a friend forward my resume and got an e-mail from HR the same day asking for a time to...

1 3 hours ago Ninkies in Van Nuys, California
Career Advice

How long does "Slow to Hire" usually mean?

So I had an interview earlier this week. I thought it went pretty well. At the end of it the interviewer said "Were slow to hire, and quick to fire"....

1 3 hours ago Ninkies in Van Nuys, California
Resume Tips

Do professional resume writers really help?

Hello everyone, I desperately need a new job in preferably a new field. I believe I could improve my resume. Also my linked in page could use a...

42 10 hours ago sunshinedoglov
Career Advice

Explicit Logistic Company: Scam?

On September 15th, I received an e-mail from for a job offer to be one of their Quality Managers. After checking out the...

1125 12 hours ago Typith
Career Advice

Job hunting with an expunged misdemeanor...any success stories?

Last summer I was cited for my first time (and my last time) for shoplifting clothing. At the time, I made one bad decision.. to this day, I still...

133 13 hours ago TJ1 in Kannapolis, North Carolina
Job Interviews

I cannot tell if this if a hoax or not.

I received a text from The Hartford Financial Services Group, inc. asking for an online interview- which I proceeded to do. A lot of things like up...

7 14 hours ago TSBell in Mebane, North Carolina
Career Advice

I have a Bachelor's Degree and Can't find Anything

I have a bachelor's degree in Law and Justice and I haven't been able to find anything. I really don't want to be a police officer (I don't know how...

68 22 hours ago Janerio in Reidsville, North Carolina
Career Advice

Unemployed Nearly 10 Months After College Graduation

In advance, thank you for reading about my situation. I understand reading other people writing about themselves can be pretty boring, and I...

12 22 hours ago MarcusS in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Career Advice

Considering a second bachelor's degree

I am quickly approaching graduation for my first bachelor's degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management. I have...

1 23 hours ago MarcusS in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Career Advice

Should we stop wasting our time by applying online?

I've been in the thick of the grueling job search for 10 months now. As a recent college graduate, I feel like I've lost more of "who I am" these...

28 23 hours ago MarcusS in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Career Advice

Blacklisted by Companies?

I’ve noticed that after I’ve interviewed once at companies, I’m never again asked to another interview for subsequent job postings. I can only guess...

7 23 hours ago MarcusS in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Career Advice

Questioning career/education choices...Public Health is not a good degree

So, when do you come to reality that you've made the wrong decisions career-wise? In my mid 20's, I graduated college and worked in many labs as a...

22 1 day ago Kyang in Banning, California
Job Interviews

Graphic Designers Beware of Job Scam using Indeed's Name

Job scam supposedly from Cintas, claiming that Indeed sent my resume to their office. Emails given to me are private "", not company. Here...

1 1 day ago Turenne in Markham, Ontario
Career Advice

Frustrated Job Seeker's Rant -- Feel Free to Add Your Thoughts

This is an open rant on behalf of every unemployed person who has been kicked to the curb. To employers who laid off staff: I hope you die a...

34232 1 day ago roofing in Walla Walla, Washington
Career Advice

Have you ever left one job to go to another before your 90 day probationary period was up?

Have you ever resigned from a job to go elsewhere when you were only there for 2 and ½ to 3 months and your probationary period wasn’t even up yet?...

1 1 day ago roofing in Walla Walla, Washington
Career Advice

What nobody is telling you... PC doesn't stop objectivity

Does your resume have gaps or job hopping? : No callback or interview Are people also applying that have better education or work history? : No...

0 1 day ago TJ1 in Kannapolis, North Carolina
How to Use Indeed

The Kimble Group, legitimate, spam, phishing?

I am receiving what appear to be unsolicited emails from an organization calling itself The Kimble Group. Both the emails and the website are of...

28 1 day ago crimson0160 in Ridgefield, Connecticut
Job Interviews

11 Common Interview Questions That Are Actually Illegal

1. Have you ever been arrested? An employer can't actually legally ask you about your arrest record, but they can ask if you've ever been convicted...

7 1 day ago SLucas13 in El Dorado Hills, California
How to Use Indeed

How to request a review be deleted

Hello, I had a secondary email address which I used to write a review. I now want to have that review removed because of possible legal action...

19 1 day ago clmilliron in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

Vague about future

I'm changing careers. I need a few months to get studied up and certified before I can even start interviewing for my new field. Am getting by...

0 1 day ago SwitchbackVA in Ashburn, Virginia
Career Advice

They shouldn't require a drivers license if the position doesn't involve driving!

I have noticed some positions out there that require a drivers license. Since I don't have one, they shut me out. I can see if the job requires...

7 1 day ago livelifelong in Pacoima, California
How to Use Indeed

How do I find the jobs I have saved on Indeed

There is no button to find a job after you have saved it.

1 2 days ago -IndeedHost in Bothell, Washington
Job Interviews

Legitimacy of job offer?

Hey guys, so I recently got a job offer from a place I don't remember applying for (my memory is bad though). I just wanted to ask the good people...

5 2 days ago PrivateEyes in Calgary, Alberta
Job Interviews

Larger Companies vs. Smaller Companies

I’ve noticed that I’m getting a MUCH better rate of interviews at smaller companies vs. larger companies. Is this true for others here, as well? I’m...

1 2 days ago roofing in Walla Walla, Washington
How to Use Indeed

Feedback to

I always assumed that when I use Indeed's "Send Message" to a job candidate, that they receive a link that includes my job posting so that they can...

25 2 days ago roofing in Walla Walla, Washington
Job Interviews

How to Respond to a Maybe Email

I interviewed for this company and I felt that I made a great impression with the director but I was not so sure with the senior recruiter that I...

2 2 days ago Duck1 in Albany, New York
How to Use Indeed

Westjet MAINLINE 2018

Hi! Is anyone here pooled for Westjet Mainline? Which base? Any idea when the next training date is?

83 3 days ago Jepoy911 in Hamilton, Ontario
Job Interviews

Recruiter / Staffing Agency Scams?

After spending the day applying to several jobs that I'm qualified for, I realized NON of them were legit. There are so many fake staffing agencies...

6 3 days ago roofing in Walla Walla, Washington
Career Advice

4,000 jobs applied to this year and nothing

Hi, I applied to more job's then usual this year. I was laid off in May over that time applied to at least 3,000 jobs. Working full time now, but the...

37 3 days ago Justm202 in Silver Spring, Maryland
Job Interviews


I have been receiving a whole lot of emails in response to my resume that give you the directions to interview by Gmail/Google Hangout. I do not...

364 3 days ago kaycee95020 in Gilroy, California
How to Use Indeed

Having Some Trouble Posting

I’ve typed out replies to several posts, but when I hit the “post” button, sometimes lately I’ll just get a blank screen. I then notice that my reply...

2 3 days ago -IndeedHost in Austin, Texas
Career Advice

I don't know how to get started

Any job I can get I don't want, and any job I am interested in I am not qualified for. I have worked in retail stores all my life, as a Custom...

1 3 days ago Duck1 in Albany, New York
Job Interviews

loss of job due to failed drug test what do you say to a new potential employer in an interview.

i dont know if i should tell a potential employer exactly why i lost my job.

65 3 days ago Lisa2397
How to Use Indeed

Employer notifications of reviews

Do employers get notifications when reviews are posted of them, or do they have to just look at their review page to see all of them?

1 3 days ago -IndeedHost in Austin, Texas
How to Use Indeed

how to change company name?

hi indeed, id like to change my company name since there has been a name change. how do i do that? thank you adam

3 3 days ago OBMM Compliance in Mundelein, Illinois
Career Advice

Rich and bored. What should I do?

I started an Internet company that was successful, but now I'm bored. I'd like to get a job, but don't know what to do. I'm in my 30s and everybody...

23 3 days ago Anna in New York, New York
Career Advice

Offered Job, Quit my Current--- now there is a delay?

So let me give you a little bit of background: I interviewed for a position a few months ago and a huge publishing company in NYC, didn't get it...

0 3 days ago RecentHired in Howell, New Jersey
Career Advice

Offered Job, Quit my Current--- now there is a delay?

So let me give you a little bit of background: I interviewed for a position a few months ago and a huge publishing company in NYC, didn't get it...

2 3 days ago RecentHired in Howell, New Jersey
How to Use Indeed

Does Indeed Really Work

Hi I've been engaged in a job hunt over the past few months using CL, LinkedIn and Indeed. Is it just me or does Indeed attract a great many...

0 3 days ago Andrew206
How to Use Indeed

Which job is more secure, MLT or CLS?

I'm going back to school in a few years but am debating between Medical Lab Tech or Clinical Lab Scientist. I know the 2 jobs are different but after...

0 3 days ago Blue22rubi in California
Job Interviews

Email from hiring manager

I’m interviewing for a management role. I’ve had several phone, Skype and finally a face to face interview where the hiring manager flew down to meet...

3 4 days ago Kenzie in Chicago, Illinois
Career Advice

Terminated After Two Months

I was recently terminated after two months on the job. They said "my abilities were not improving at the rate we need them to be". I was still on...

25 4 days ago still retired in Hawaii
Resume Tips

Key Tips For How to Create a Resume From Scratch

Often times creating a resume can be confusing. What should you include? How should it be structured? How many pages should it be? Well, if you have...

0 4 days ago Declassify my Career in Saint Joseph, Michigan
Career Advice

Almost Got the Job...frustrating

A week ago I had an interview at an accounting firm for an administrative position. There are very few decent jobs around here, so I did get my hopes...

0 4 days ago Eva in Medford, Oregon
Career Advice

Deciding on taking the job

Hello I am currently new to indeed and I've been seeking a new job. I came across a job recently its a cashier job but Im not too sure if it can be a...

0 4 days ago Alfonso97 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Job Interviews

3weeks after interview, HR still waiting for reference?? True?

Hello I had an interview about almost 3weeks ago. I sent an email for any update and they replied that they are still waiting for another...

1 4 days ago roofing in Walla Walla, Washington
Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

1816 4 days ago BlahBlah in Los Angeles, California

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