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I have been receiving a whole lot of emails in response to my resume that give you the directions to interview by Gmail/Google Hangout. I do not...

477 4 minutes ago 21ago in Brookfield, Wisconsin
Career Advice

Quitting a New Job

I just started a new part time job. This will be my second week. Long story short, I'd been looking for several months and accepted the first offer I...

13 13 minutes ago Lwhoward in Asheville, North Carolina
Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

1869 15 minutes ago VAB_1877 in Olathe, Kansas
How to Use Indeed

Is this a fake/scam job?

I received a phone call today to come in for a job interview. The caller did not leave a name and just scheduled an address, date and time to speak...

27 50 minutes ago Munchkin67 in Houston, Texas
Career Advice

If it's so 'easy' to get a crappy minimum wage job, then why can't I get hired anywhere?

For example, I went to an open interview and I was dressed up nice, well groomed, prepared and organized. Everyone else look like they just rolled...

41 1 hour ago crain97 in Yakima, Washington
Career Advice

** SCAM ALERT ** Recruiting and Staffing

I'm sure and/or I hope this has been posted already. I applied for a administrative position and received an email from this company to set up an...

141 1 hour ago Stewart735
Resume Tips

Can some please critique my Resume

Please tell me what you think of my Reaume. thanks

1 5 hours ago AtExit8 in Cranbury, New Jersey
Career Advice

Just applied to this posting. Scam???

I just applied to this posting: The posting has been up for...

1 5 hours ago AtExit8 in Cranbury, New Jersey
Career Advice

Explicit Logistic Company: Scam?

On September 15th, I received an e-mail from for a job offer to be one of their Quality Managers. After checking out the...

1443 6 hours ago lhndez00728 in Humble, Texas
Career Advice

In your opinion is a degree worth it?

A timeless question

25 11 hours ago TJ1 in Kannapolis, North Carolina
Job Interviews

Is it too risky to leave off a job from my resume?

Hi guys so i'm finding it impossible to get a job . Here is my history I worked 1 year at a super small crappy accounting firm . The bosses were...

2 17 hours ago Mstlpn in Middletown, New York
Career Advice

Excited about a job but don't know whom to contact

A few weeks ago, I came across a job posting for a position in my area of research. My area of research is quite niche outside of academia in the US,...

0 20 hours ago chemElooking in San Jose, California
How to Use Indeed

Graduated college last year and needs career advice, please, please, PLEASE!

I graduated college last December with my BA in Marketing Communication. I started looking for a job before I even graduated. I polished my resume...

4 21 hours ago JordanWyatt in Brooklyn, New York
Job Interviews

Scam job

The job offer they posted was this, Using the job they are able to contact people and...

53 22 hours ago Cmuffin
Career Advice

Applied to almost 300 jobs, why can't I get a job?

Hello everyone, I'm looking for answers and advice. First let me lay it all out. I am a 26 year old 8 year veteran from the United States Air Force....

94 1 day ago Golden_Fawn in Raleigh, North Carolina
Career Advice

Credit score disclosing.....

So up until Jan 2017, I had great credit. There is a hidden feature on Credit Karma that shows your 1 year or 10 year credit score history in the...

1 1 day ago Michelle in Fenton, Missouri
Career Advice

Are you tired of applying for hundreds of jobs online and getting no response?

Are you frustrated applying for hundreds of jobs still waiting for a phone call back for an interview? Share your many jobs...

364 1 day ago Val003 in Saint Charles, Illinois
Career Advice

How to answer phone calls?

I’m expecting 2 phone calls in the upcoming weeks and I’m wondering how to answer them and what I should say. This will be my first job, so I have...

2 1 day ago Michelle in Fenton, Missouri
Career Advice

Best free resume template in word format

Hi everyone, I can't seem to find a good website with free resume template in word format. I'd like to find a cool design cv template to make my...

9 1 day ago tonydc
Career Advice

Short Work History, Need a Full Time Job

I'm 21 years old. I've been in and out of college for about 3 years, now. I finally decided it's time to stay out of school for a while because I...

0 1 day ago Hbr79 in Glendale, Arizona
Job Interviews

Interview requested... then silence

If a prospective employer contacts you to say they'd like to talk to you about a position, and it's a person contacting you (not an auto-response),...

17 1 day ago Gracilee in Fairburn, Georgia
How to Use Indeed

This Page Has A Redirect Loop -- Huh?

I'm trying to access my resume, which I posted here 2 years ago, and all I ever get is an error message saying "This page has a redirect loop." Does...

7 1 day ago irish0471 in Denver, Colorado
How to Use Indeed

Unable to post free job postings

Hello, I am unable to post job postings for free. Do I have to pay from now on?

158 1 day ago joelucrob in Buffalo, New York
Resume Tips

how do I get a copy of my Resume?

How do I get a copy of my Resume emailed to me?

30 1 day ago Kathuloo7 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Resume Tips

What do employers think of self-employment?

Hi everyone. New here...really like this board. I'm just wondering if there is anyone here who can tell me how self-employment is looked upon in...

87 1 day ago Lindsey777 in Allen, Texas
Career Advice

I Cannot Get a Job

So this is my situation: I'm a hard working 19 year old female, I have natural colored hair, no piercings or tattoos, formerly home-schooled, some...

18 1 day ago Bgardner11 in Richmond, Virginia
Career Advice

Work at home job. Do they really exist?

Are there any work at home jobs that are 100% legit? That dont make you buy some sort of "kit" before doing the job. That only require an internet...

29 1 day ago Lwhoward in Knoxville, Tennessee
Resume Tips

Are there any good resume critique web sites

Are there any legitimate places online that would critique my resume and cover letter? I know there are a Lot of writing services that will do this...

1 1 day ago arlenekaddy in France
Career Advice

Not enough hours

I got a job at one of my favorite stores. I turned down a higher paying full time job to accept this part time position because I thought it would...

7 1 day ago andryjackson in Walnut, California
Career Advice

Being asked to complete “additional steps” after you have already submitted your resume through Indeed.

Sometimes they ask for a waste of time assessment, other times they want a full application with employed from to dates, references, salary...

10 1 day ago MeanMike in Pennsauken, New Jersey
Career Advice

Background check question

I have been searching for a job for months now. Finally got an offer for a job I'd like and I get told there will be a background check. I hadn't...

2 1 day ago jamessweney in San Jose, California
How to Use Indeed

Can I skip the "Reasons for rejection" question after reviewing each candidate?

After every candidate I review and mark for rejection, I get a pop-up panel asking me the reason for rejecting this candidate. This is information...

3 1 day ago BobrowHR in Las Vegas, Nevada
How to Use Indeed

Is this a legit email from Indeed?

I received this email about a opening with Indeed. Is this legit? Dear Jennie, Thank you for your response. I have attached the following...

20 1 day ago GailsSadnblue in Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Job Interviews

Personal Assistant - might be a job scam?!

I know some of you might have a similar situation like this, but I still want to share my story. I moved to Chicago 3 weeks ago and applied for...

512 1 day ago B4superman in Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

I got reject from a company, but the same position re-open again, should i apply for it ?

HR told me the position I interviewed is fulfilled. She said they would open another position later. Today I saw the position is the same one I...

1 1 day ago Lwhoward in Knoxville, Tennessee
Career Advice

The Keel Of Desperation?

This is probably going to sound absolutely ridiculous, because I have absolutely no idea if there are people in similar shoes. Why is it a red...

1 1 day ago Lwhoward in Knoxville, Tennessee
How to Use Indeed

Required Questions

If a job posting has required questions and I answer no does my application still go through or does it just get ignored? I tried finding the...

21 2 days ago BobrowHR in New York, New York
Career Advice

Job hunting with an expunged misdemeanor...any success stories?

Last summer I was cited for my first time (and my last time) for shoplifting clothing. At the time, I made one bad decision.. to this day, I still...

138 2 days ago TJ1 in Kannapolis, North Carolina
How to Use Indeed

Why can't I email a job to a friend?

Until a month or two ago, Indeed had the option of emailing a job to a friend. Any idea if this functionality is still available? I've searched...

18 2 days ago SendARaven in League City, Texas
Career Advice

I think I hate Project Management, but it's the only experience I have. What now?

Hi all, I've been working in Account/Project Management in digital marketing agencies for the past 4 years and after starting a new job at a...

23 2 days ago horts in Ripon, United Kingdom
Career Advice

Im 29 years old and i have no idea what i want to do with my life

I have no clue what i want to do with my life. Ive thought about somethings from time 2 time but never can decide. Ive had a few different jobs but...

51 2 days ago girlonautopilot in Bedford, Australia
How to Use Indeed

'how many years experience' question

So I am applying for Admin roles and some of them ask this question before you can submit your cv. You cannot enter any accompanying info, only a...

0 2 days ago xxff in Cydweli, United Kingdom
Career Advice

Medical/Clinical Ethics/Bioethics

Hi there, I am a recent graduate with a Masters in Bioethics. I am having a really hard time finding a job in this field. But I am mostly having a...

0 2 days ago CWCanada in Rozelle, Australia
Job Interviews

Final Job Interview

I have been interviewing with a company for the last 2-3 months. This has included 2 phone interviews and an interview via Skype. A few days ago I...

2 2 days ago CLWALKER in The Colony, Texas
Job Interviews

New Personal Assistant Scam

Good afternoon to whoever might have applied for a recent position as a Personal Assistant. I fell into this scam and would like to spread the word...

5 2 days ago bdavi109 in Chicago, Illinois
Career Advice

Job Advice

Worked at a job for 5 years was promised a lead position was told the job was mine for a over a year. Once the job finally came up it was given to...

1 3 days ago AtExit8 in Cranbury, New Jersey
Career Advice

Age discrimination is more real than I ever thought

I am so disheartened by the behavior of the employers that I've interviewed with lately. I'm only 46, but to employers, I might as well be 86. I only...

254 3 days ago JR-A in Royal Oak, Michigan
How to Use Indeed

Server error in messages

When I attempt to check my messages from employers it says server error. Please help

6 3 days ago Ppani303 in Syracuse, New York
How to Use Indeed

Indeed messages inbox?

I keep getting notifications from the all saying I'm getting messages but when I click on it takes me to the app but never to the message. I remember...

18 3 days ago afiz in Folsom, California
Career Advice

No One Will Hire Me

I just don't know what to do. It seems no one will ever hire me. It's to the point I just want to give up. But then what can I do. The only thing I...

20 3 days ago PinkFrosting in Grand Ledge, Michigan

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