Company asks if I could come in a certain day to "meet" but didn't hear back from them until 3 days later?

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Wondering in Haltom City, Texas

62 months ago

A company asked me if I could come in to meet with them (guess an interview?) last Friday. They asked on Wednesday and I responded back early on Thursday morning. I didn't hear back from them all day so I guess they had already picked someone or changed their mind about me. I got disappointed and bummed about it. Also last Friday was my birthday so I was even more bummed. Anyway, I didn't think I'd hear back from them. Just on Tuesday (yesterday), I saw that they had emailed me back and asked if I could still come in on Thurs & Friday of this week. I was a bit surprised, but I had also thought the only reason they are doing this is because they were busy interviewing other candidates on Friday. However, I still thought she could have shoot me an email saying they were too busy on Friday and to schedule another time for me. Plus I didn't hear back from her until Tuesday. So it's already been three days. Do you think they already spent those last two days interviewing people and are being picky with choosing? It makes me wonder if it's worth it. It's a little bit away from me but I do need a job. However, it makes it sound like I have a slim chance and not sure if the company is trustworthy or professional. What does everyone think?


Unix Brat in Asheville, North Carolina

62 months ago

I wouldn't chalk them up as being unprofessional just yet. It's quite possible they had some emergencies and just didn't have you on their mind when they might be understaffed and had all hands on deck dealing with stuff.

The main thing is you DID get an email asking if you were still interested. Your chances at this point are better than slim.

In closing, if you still have misgivings about the distance or especially if you still have an issue with the company emailing you a few days later than they agreed and feel they're untrustworthy then cancel the interview.

I understand it's bad enough needing a job, and having a potential employer not respond when they said they would, but having that happen on your birthday of all days....if this has soured you on that company, so be it.

Good luck.


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