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nicetry in Houston, Texas

66 months ago

Has anyone heard about MAP company?

It is in Houston, TX. I received a voicemail that they would like to set up an interview but I ignore it because I thought it was a sale sale job ... but then a week later they emailed me and explain they will help me to find job that I want and it will be NO cost.

When I got there, the interviewer introduced me about the company and fancy talking, told me that I would have a job about 160K/year, while I'm making $60K/year currently. He told all the sweet stuff that I would like to hear but sounds very untrue ... I know who I am and know how much I worth ... but he said he would help me to get a job in that range.. he said he only works with certain type of people and I'm the lucky one ...

After that I asked him is there any fee that I have to pay, he said "of course, but we will talk about it in the next meeting" ... he refused to tell me how much it would cost me to find me a job ... but I doubt it, even if he couldn't find me a job I still loose my money ...

Of course I didn't go back for the 2nd meeting with him. But I lost my $3 parking and they didn't validate my ticket for parking ...

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creeped out in Houston, Texas

60 months ago

Thank goodness I found someone else who has something other than praise to provide regarding MAP!!! The lack of information about this outfit is spooky.

Just like "nicetry", I received an email from MAP. I went for the initial meeting. When I asked how much this "amazing" service would cost me, I was quoted the "special" rate of nearly $4,000. What?!!?? If I was getting a discount, how much do they usually charge???

There's just something creepy about the whole organization. First, they claim to have franchised offices in a gazillion cities internationally. However, I can't any info about other offices, and I can't find any info about the franchisor. Second, they use at least three domain names in their marketing materials and communications, none of which includes anything remotely similar to "MAP" in them. Third, they overload you with tons of places to find the great comments everyone has about their services, but nowhere in cyberspace (except for here) can you find any less-than-complimentary comments. Creepy, huh? That's just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on for pages about the details that bothered me about my contact with them.

I advise people to please check out this company in depth before handing them your money. Something in my gut told me that something doesn't smell right. Trust your instincts.

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