Emailing Resumes

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Jojo in Toronto, Ontario

119 months ago

Hi Everybody,

Just a quick inquiry I have, Would it be ok for a professional position to lets say email your resume and cover letter to those "Blackhole" email addresses (where everyones resume and cover gather), and hand deliver a copy? (they say its ok to drop it off)

Also when Emailing a resume and cover letter, i understand to put just a simple message citing position and who you are, but how would you normally do that, do you attach the Cover letter and Resume as two seperate documents, or do you put them all as one document? ( Cover First, 2 page resume after, so 3 page document all together) Just inquiring,



K.C. in Seattle, Washington

118 months ago

It's been while since you posted this question but I noticed you had not gotten a response. Just in case someone has a similar question, here are my two cents.

If you have the opportunity to drop your resume off, do it. It affords you an opportunity to make a human connection and you are guaranteed that an actual person will have looked at your resume, even if it is just for a few seconds.

If you are emailing your resume, I have two suggestions:

1. Use the text from your cover letter as the body of the email. Attach your resume AND the cover letter (in the correct format). You just need to mention that you are attaching both. This way, if the recruiter or screener prints your documents for review, they will both look professional.

2. Write a short, effective email introducing yourself. It needs to have a bit of a hook so that the recipient is moved to open your documents. Of course, attach your resume and cover letter.

I hope that information helps.



bubles in San Francisco, California

114 months ago

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Hopefully Looking in Glen Allen, Virginia

109 months ago

Honestly I've had better luck in getting interviews by hand delivering my application versus emailing.

I feel it's a great way to view the organization first hand and I always drop off my application with a business card with the receptionist.

Plus be sure to ask for the HR/Hiring Manager's info from the receptionist and be sure to send that person a thank you note for their assistance.


mlvacopoulos in Charlestown, Australia

109 months ago

John Plummer in Seattle, Washington said: Any advise on what to put in the "Subject" line when emailing a resuem.

'In regards to your advertised position' or
'In regards to position advertised'


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