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Bob in Charlotte, North Carolina

67 months ago

Hello folks. I am 37, have a FT MBA (2005) from a decent Big Ten/Top30 school. Any rate, I've been working in an internal consultant/change mgt type job for 7 years. I have a feeling I will be getting layed off in the next few months. I figure soon after I will be basically unemployable since it'll be hard to get another job in that field being unemployed. Not to mention I do not like this work that much (too much travel, too much fluff).

Any rate, thinking about getting into accounting. A couple questions:

-Since I do not have work experience in the field, I was considering getting a full-time Masters in Accounting at a respectable school for the subject knowledge and recruiting and to get my foot in the door. Does this make sense, I see no other way of getting hired as an accountant and experience and a CPA.

-I suppose most jobs these days are vulnerable to offshoring and foreign workers (e.g. h1b visa holders), but is accounting especially vulnerable compared to other professions like computer engineering, manufacturing, etc.? In general how well does it hold up?

-Am I deluding myself? Am I too old and out of touch (I do have an MBA), and/or does the accounting job market stink?

Any comments are welcomed. Thanks.


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