When do accounting jobs start? What month did you start ur job?

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maan11j in Orange, Connecticut

59 months ago

1. What month did you start ur job? (beginning of the year? end of the year? do they have trends?)

2. or Did the company you work for asked to have you work as soon as they gave you an offer?

Here's the situation. I'm going to be graduating in May 2014, however, my family has a vacation plan to celebrate my sister and my graduation there. I'm thinking that means we'll be out of town for a month. Since my sister's graduation from Highschool is later than mine. I'll have a month after graduation doing nothing (well its like a summer break).

I feel like not applying for a job before I graduate is missing opportunities I could have had. and I also know that postponing my job search means more time that I'm unemployed, and that is usually a bad thing right?
So, I would like to know.. the two questions above. I was thinking that maybe, companies would like me to start during September or January (tax season).. I was hoping that was the norm, and I wouldn't need to ask for a vacation right after an offer (I mean I'm just worried about my start date).

3. Will a company allow a 1 month vacation in the middle of the start date?

4. Should I just wait in applying for work after our vacation?

I knoow the economy is tough, and I may need to look for a job for a long time. So I really need some advices. Any comment is appreciated. Thank you.


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