Your Ideal Company Size

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Jobseeker in Chicago, Illinois

102 months ago

If this was a better economy and the job market was in our favor, and you have several job offers to choose from, what size company would be ideal for you, and why.

Small Mid Sized or Large?

I would not like a small company, as some do not offer health insurance, some are 1099 instead of W-2, sometimes you may be the only one in the office, boss expects you to know everything, little or no opportunites for outside training seminars to advance your career. Be a self starter, no one to lean on for support or guidence. If the boss is out of the office and leaves a new or difficult task, you have nobody to help you.

Mid Size , yes I would like this option, pay is better, co workers to socialize with and you can help each other out with your expertise to them and vice versa, lunch buddies, a mentor if you are new at the industry.

Large, yes I would also like this option, more options for advancement or opportunities to learn other jobs for a backup or for your professional growth. Benefits are usually better, maybe opportunites to travel to meet staff from other offices for meetings and or training. Discounts on products or family outings such as Great America.


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