how to get rid of gang members

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T in Modesto, California

83 months ago

Find the quote in the lease or the rules that they signed that shows any violations they are doing. Write them up for the violations as per the rules in your lease. sometimes its good to somewhat befriend a "bad" tenant and get them on your side, they can come in handy. i've found working with a tenant and teaching them to be a good tenant is much easier than forcing them out on occasion. I don't mean befriend as start hanging out with them, but try to get a rapport going and maybe get them to follow the rules and respect you, if you do that it's better. I had a couple of roughyans at my complex that now help my husband out quite a bit. Sometimes if you show respect rather than puffing out your chest, you can make things work better. Each tenant is an individual, and you manage many individuals. If you get to know them a tad you might figure a way to make them a decent tenant to have. Just sayin. It doesnt always work that way tho, some are not worth our time, but they all get a chance first to see if we can make it work first.


Brigitte in Altadena, California

80 months ago

alaser45 said: My question is I'm about to get a job as a manager for a 34 unit building in West LA,Vermont and Oakwood,I noticed there are gang members living in one of the units.what is the process to get rid of this people?

Dear alaser45, I don't know if you have solved your problem or not, if not then read on, this property by the given address seems to bw under rent control? if it is, you have to start to log the activities, times, dates, the kind of activities, for several days or may be a week, and names of complaining tenants (and you have to inform them that their names will be on the notice as eyewitness and if/when tenant contests the eviction one of these complaining tenants have to be an eyewitness and have to be present in court with you at the time of trial), Right after accepting the rent serve the tenant with a 3 day notice "perform or quit", indicating that he/she is in violation of the rental agreement paragraph #??, indicate the dates, times and what the violation has been, and indicate the names & addresses of complaining tenant (without eyewitness this eviction will not work. I hope I was able to help you with this, should you have any questions please contact me Brigitte at, I have been doing evictions for over 20 years.


ApartmentManagerTips in Ontario, California

78 months ago

I manage a 56 unit building in CA. T in Modesto hit the jack pot! Showing respect will often get you a lot farther than being too stern.

However, I would also suggest documenting their actions. Every time you get a complaint or see them doing something, I would call and talk to them abut it, and follow it up with a letter, keep copies of this letter in their file. Most judges will evict if a tenant has violated the lease on 3 or more documented occasions (I would share this information with them). Also there are forms available online "Three Day Notice To Perform Conditions and/or Covenants or Quit" This form should be served as a final warning before initiating legal proceedings, Though I have had some owners want this to be served with the first. Good luck!


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