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MERDETH in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 16 months ago

Working for GLS in Iraq - Your Experience - 409 Replies

Hello, My uncle was hired by GLS and is going to Iraq soon. What experiences have you had with GLS in Iraq? Please include all the good and bad; I...

Jamal Khan in West Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 17 months ago

roll player - 41 Replies

any body need roll playr , i like to work with his team i was in iraq and now in california, i was work interpreter with the us army .

Ibrahim in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 17 months ago

role player Arabic speaker - 460 Replies

I worked with L3 as role player Arabic speaker for many rotation I like to join your team on the new contract please call me or email me when you...

PALGIRL in Honolulu

Updated 18 months ago

to work as translator with US Army - 67 Replies

I have worked with US Army more than 5 years .I got a lot of skillsbecause I was going on missions and patrols,I was giving lessons to the soldiers...

Qasim Mohammed in Texas

Updated 25 months ago

Recruiting CAT II and CAT III Linguists - 8 Replies

Operational Linguist Support Group is a new company which recruits Linguists for various companies. We place cleared Linguists with companies who...

Christopher in Bolton, United Kingdom

Updated 40 months ago

Iraqi-American Arabic linguist looking for work and available immediately - 3 Replies

I am looking for fast employment as Arabic linguist overseas or in the States. Any have any information please let me know. stbaldawi (at) yahoo...

pripri in Huntington Station, New York

Updated 62 months ago

Arabic/French linguist - 17 Replies

I would love to work for an agency where I would utilize my Arabic/French language fluency. I am merely a US person and I do not have any clearance....

May in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 78 months ago

Government-approved translation testing scores - 3 Replies

Greetings all. I noticed that many Arabic linguist positions with government contractors require candidates to take government-approved translation...

reddy gul in Fremont, California

Updated 78 months ago

Arabic Linguist/Role Player Jobs In Germany - 74 Replies

We are currently recruiting for Arabic Linguist/Role Player positions in Germany. If you live in Germany and speak Arabic, please contact us at 6...

roadtown in Los Angeles, California

Updated 83 months ago

TCS Translations - 7 Replies

Has anyone heard of or worked for this company? I know they are a translations company, but I think they also do security. Any information is...

Elias Ben... in Algeria

Recruiting non resident aliens overseas(Arabic linguist/interpreter)

Hi everybody, I am a twenty six years old professional translator/interpreter(English,French,Arabic),and an avid language learner(currently...

Moayeed Ahmed in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 85 months ago

L-3 Communications - 33 Replies

How Can I get a hold of a L-3 Linguist Recruiter.There are a few positions that they have and I would like to talk about. Thank You

mostafa in Yulee, Florida

Updated 87 months ago

iraq BAHGDAD rol player - 75 Replies

iwork as rol player for 3 years ispeak arabic iwork with fpts.29 palm

abufady in Oman

Updated 88 months ago

security clearance problems - 268 Replies

I have two years experience as a linguist overseas, untill I got injured and had to return for treatment. After several surgeries, I decided to get...

Sam A. Seeman in Waterford, Michigan

Updated 93 months ago

only iraqi's - 29 Replies

I say the Arabic lingiust jobs should be given to Iraqis and Iraqis only who speak English as well, regardless if they are Americans, Canadians,...

hiwa in London, United Kingdom

Updated 96 months ago

Are most arabic linguist jobs only located in iraq? Is there a need for them state side. - 205 Replies

I was raised sunni but am American. I have been able to read and write arabic fluently since I was ten. I've begun taking classes in DC in hopes to...

ashour in La Puente, California

Updated 98 months ago

Message to the government and GLS - 2 Replies

I am Iraqi SIV green card holder, GLS laid me off, because of that, although I Have Granted force protection, clearance, with no reason, I would like...

mard in Boca Raton, Florida

Updated 100 months ago

GLS Sent Home a Group of 30 People from Georgia!!! - 1 Reply

My parents just signed with GLS, passed everyting in Virginia, and were recently shipped to Georgia along with 20+ other people. Their entire...

Khaled in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 101 months ago

Getting an arabic linguist job. - 33 Replies

How did you get your start doing arabic linguist work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

MSG in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 102 months ago

Arabic Linguist Jobs in Mississippi??? - 5 Replies

Hello everyone, I'm a non-native Arabic linguist working in Georgia. I just returned from Baghdad, where I spoke daily in Iraqi dialect. I hold...

hasan in Apo

Updated 103 months ago

any civilian companies need a terp? - 41 Replies

im a greencard holder,i have security access, i've been in the field for 5 years, if any civilian companies looking for an operational combat...

ksim in Radcliff, Kentucky

Updated 104 months ago

Arabic Linguists with a greencard , any one wants them ? - 2 Replies

there is tons of arabic linguists that had a lot of work experience , does any one out there would offer me and my friends a job? i worked for almost...

Veteran Arabic Linguist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 105 months ago

Wanna Join the army, I know arabic - 1 Reply

How much money will I make?

luay saknee in Glendale, Arizona

Updated 108 months ago

Special Placement for Iraqi-Americans with college degrees - 2 Replies

Unique high level opportunities for Iraqi-Americans (naturalized U.S. Citizens) with college degrees to work in Iraq. Excellent Salary and full...

Magdi in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

To Majdi

Dear Majdi I can't go to join the Army, because of my age, I am 42 years old. Thank you for your advice.

Magdi in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 108 months ago

Need to be careful if you intendapply to GLS - 2 Replies

I am one of the Arabic linguist who wait in GA, for 6 months, and they return us home,and gave us a letter of layoff, with no use, it's only a trash,...

Mylo Haba in Amman, Jordan

Linguist Roll Player Coordinator

Hello everybody .. Ok .. am a 38 years old male from Jordan. I worked with the Marines in Fallujah-Iraq for 14 months straight .. during which I...

Ramblin in Edmond, Oklahoma

Job Sponsor

I am looking for a means to get a work visa for my fiancee in Libya. She has a Bachelors degree in Pathology and English. If anyone can help us it...

siham in Jamaica, New York

Updated 109 months ago

Arabic linguist - 2 Replies

Are there any Arabic-English jobs in Arizona? i just came back from Iraq and i'm in desperate need of a job closer to home. any ideas?

Abdelaziz Elkabli in Silver Spring, Maryland

Updated 109 months ago

GLS Recrueters (Lairs, Stupid, Racist) don't mean all of them! there is always good ppl - 10 Replies

most of you might noticed how horrible GLS Recruiter are! I don't why they hire such a people! They don't do their job either they don't know how...

RANIA in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 110 months ago

deneid ci interim - 9 Replies

I was diployed to Iraq as translator . I worked there for six months. and I did resign from my job for personal reasons. and I applied to titan to do...

DOUMA in Bellevue, Washington

Updated 114 months ago

what is arabic linguist? what is the job description,and salar - 1 Reply

I met this recruiter and he said I speak arabic so he wanna put me to work for them.he said he works for the gov ,not private company.what is the...

karrar hashim in antioch, California

Updated 118 months ago


I recently learned that the GLS contract with the US government was reduced by $250 Million. This has resulted in across the board pay cuts for all...

Aziz Zada in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 122 months ago

Do'nt waste your time - 1 Reply

Dear Brothers snd sisters don't waste your time in US. You guys still have time to skip back to Afghanistan. Right now I am stuck. I give you advice,...

Unknown in Herndon, Virginia

Updated 123 months ago



Hesham Elaziry in Anaheim, California


I am trying to search how good of an opportunity is working as a linguist in Iraq ? I am a US citizen. What is the difference between GLS, L3 and...

logicaleo in Tupelo, Mississippi

Updated 125 months ago

depcen - 1 Reply

hi I ben hired by GLS, and i have to go for depcen programme, if eneybody,ben there before for this programme, can excplain to me what all...

yazeed in Louisville, Kentucky

role playing arabic languists

i have seen on career builder that some us army bases needs the role players a long time ago,, in CA and other 2 states.. i also got the offer to...

Ahmad in Irvine, California

Read before you apply to be a Trans.

This job is very dangerous,i know many Arabs in Detroit that applied and so far 8 died and 42 came back without a leg or arm, this is only in Detroit...

betty in Wylie, Texas

Updated 126 months ago

security clearence - 2 Replies

i need to know from some one in this dept if a 12 years old white coller felony in fed system will ever give me a chance to serve my country in a...

David in Chicago, Illinois

Top secret Clearince

Are there any Jobs for TSC arabic Linguist available in the States

Hootgal in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 126 months ago

arabic translator - 3 Replies

who i can get this job

Noureldin in Houston, Texas

Updated 127 months ago

What are typical arabic linguist salaries? - 5 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 130 months ago

please call email me - 1 Reply

this is my email i want to join your company for play role

shamiran79@*****.*** in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 130 months ago

Arabic translating and role playing - 2 Replies

I did work with several companies as aggies ,techwise,SOS.all over us as role player trans-later vanterdas a side manager assistant.if you have any...

desertrose in Madison, Alabama

security clearence

when is enough time to give a person a chance to sieze the right job and start looking to brighter future and if the fed judge says you are on your...

Indeed Admin in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 131 months ago

Great Opportunity with the Army as a Translator .. - 21 Replies

this position requires you to join the army as a translator .. If you qualify you can get.. 1. up to $25000 as an enlistment bonus plus up to...

Aziz Subhani in San Diego, California

Denied clearince because of BK

Is there anyway around this problem. I had my BK discharged in 2003 and have 700 fico score now. Please advise. Thank you,

DD in Smyrna, Tennessee


After I worked for almost 20 months with the US army in IRAQ as cat.II Arabic and Kurdish linguist. I quit my job and came back home. After that I...

ahmed in Iraq

Updated 132 months ago

Are arabic linguist job opportunities growing or declining? - 3 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most arabic linguist...

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