Advice for anybody starting out in the trade

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Johnhover in United Kingdom

53 months ago

I only have one piece of advise for anybody getting into the automotive trade as a mechanic, panel beater or painter. Run. Run as fast as fast as you can out of the trade and don't look back.

I have been a mechanic for 9 years and have had enough. I have walked out after wasting nearly a decade in a trade with no future, low pay, high pressure and an ubelievable amount of backstabbing (Which is by the way, the only way to progress into a management position it seems)..

I used to love cars, tinkering on engines and doing up oldies, but now I know you should never make your hobby a profession. The vast majority of people I have encountered in he trade hate it and are either trying to find another profession or already have done.

This is not me venting my frustration for no reason, this is a warning to those thinking that being a mechanic is a well respected, well paid career with plenty of prospects because you couldn't be more wrong.

Would love other people's opinions agreeing and disagreeing with what I've written.

Thanks for reading.



Indie_One in Wichita, Kansas

53 months ago

“How a Forsyth Co. man makes $100k posting car reviews to YouTube” – 6:04 pm, November 4, 2013 – FOX 8 WGHP – The Piedmont News Station; “Local man turns hobby into six-figure career” – Tuesday, December 17, 2013 3:10 pm – Winston-Salem Journal


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