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Updated 10 days ago

Tellers' Pet Peeves - 45 Replies

[QUOTE who="RD in New Hyde Park, New York"]Currently working tellers: if you had the chance, what would you tell customers? What are your pet peeves?...

Sarah Higgins in Dallas, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Hiring Process at Chase Bank - 26 Replies

I applied online using the chase careers section. A few days later I got a call (that I missed) from a chase recruiter saying to call them back. I...

SHAM SUNDAR in Mckinney, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Interview Preparation - 144 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming bank teller interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?


Bank job search - What am I doing wrong?

Have been applying to jobs at branch banks for months now - mostly teller positions. I am shot down pretty quickly most of the time, from a variety...

Poorteller in Los Angeles, California

Bank teller clothing

I just got hired as a teller and will start soon and need to buy clothing...what is the minimum acceptable amount of clothing for a male teller? I'm...

Prisilla in Bronx, New York

Updated 14 months ago

How much do bank tellers make - 209 Replies


Holly Welch in Elkins, West Virginia

Updated 17 months ago

Teller email - 2 Replies

I just hired at capital one as a teller, i wanted to know if tellers get there own bank email address

Holley74 in Endicott, New York

Updated 17 months ago

Teller Virtual Job Tryout - 5 Replies

As part of my application for a teller position at Suntrust I have to go through a 60 minute long virtual job tryout, they tell me to have paper,...

Charlotte Rippy in Paragould, Arkansas

Updated 18 months ago

Applying for bank teller at Regions Bank - 3 Replies

I recently submitted my profile and resume and got to the point of scheduling an Onsite Teller Assessment. So I pick my location and the next page...

Champagne in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 27 months ago

Do you think i'm qualified to be a bank teller? your opinion.. - 13 Replies

Hi, I've currently been seeking bank teller job positions in the St.Petersburg area. I've applied to 3 banks so far as of yesterday and I'm waiting...

zrxmax in Menifee, California

Updated 28 months ago

How much Teller Money Handle - 1 Reply

How much money does teller handle in one day and what is the starting cash in there drawer??

Alicia Cintron in Eagan, Minnesota

Updated 29 months ago

bank teller position - 42 Replies

What is a recipe to ace the bank teller interview? i've been through a few, but all seem to fail, i seem to get the basic, stay confident, smile,...


Updated 44 months ago

High School Diploma-Bank teller - 2 Replies

Okay, so I've applied to many bank teller job openings. I am in adult school at the moment, and I AM getting my diploma next month. So my question...

harnoor kaur in Sacramento, California

Updated 45 months ago

bank teller virtual test: customer service part - 5 Replies

Hi, I have a problem with customer service section of the virtual teller test. Please any bank teller can help me giving the best answer to these...

Dale in Dallas, Oregon

Updated 46 months ago

Tilt Short - 4 Replies

What does the bank do if your tilt or money drawer is short money? Pay them back?

RandomPerson in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 49 months ago

Am i qualified to be a teller? - 1 Reply

Hey,first off im only 17 years old but i heard that you can work at a bank at 17 and ive also heard you can only start at 18.Would 17 work? Im also...

LetMeLive in Sacramento, California

Updated 55 months ago

Background Check - 1 Reply

Might have a job opportunity at a Bank based here in Bham or a Local credit union the interviews in both places went really well and although they...

Romie in Plainfield, New Jersey

Other Jobs with banking experience

I been working at my job for 6 years in August 2014. I have been part time since the time I was hired and overtime I considered it only as a job for...

leahnc in Louisburg, North Carolina

Wells Fargo PART TIME Teller

How many hours is considered Part time for a Teller at Wells Fargo? I guess they do not hire Full Time tellers? Can you become full time after...

Alison Deane in New York, New York

Updated 61 months ago

Bank Teller Interview soon - help - 1 Reply

Greetings indeed/Bank Teller forum, I was looking for potential jobs prior to attending college this Fall & I applied for a teller position in...

Julie Ch in New York, New York

Recommendation of shoes ?

Hi, I'm starting a new position as a teller and wanted some recommendations for shoes. Thanks in advance!

shelley in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 69 months ago

To be the best... - 7 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every bank teller must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your bank teller expertise?

Rush009 in Lansing, Michigan

Updated 72 months ago


I applied for a teller position at Bank of America and Chase my two top chose of banking industry that I want to work for. I want to know how long it...

tekila sunshine in houston, Texas

Updated 72 months ago

credit check for a teller position? - 1 Reply

I just got an offer for a teller position for Amegy Bank, I was so excited since I really need the job. I went to do my drug test and fingerprints a...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 72 months ago

Background check total time - 2 Replies

I am waiting for background check from last 20 days after subimitted required paper work and my recruter mention that current status of background...


Updated 75 months ago

bank teller and dui? - 1 Reply

I just completed my second interview at a bank. They told me I have the job if my background check is ok. The only problem is that 3 years ago I got...

Youssef in Belleville, Illinois

Updated 77 months ago

Charter One interview call? - 1 Reply

When will they call me for an interview after I passed their assessment test?? I've been waiting for 4 days now.

delia in Sibiu, Romania

can someone be employed as teller if it is not from America?

Hy, I have a simple question. Can I apply for a job in America, Canada if I am from Europe ? I'm thinking to apply for a Visa... thanks.

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 79 months ago

How large a withdrawal until a teller asks the nature of it? - 2 Replies

Hi everyone. I'm doing research for a business class and my topic involves banking and regulations in banks. My question is at what amount of...

MikeUSAF in Chatsworth, California

Bank Teller Training

I am a 52 year old male with a BS in Management Studies and not working right now. I was doing healthcare customer service, ER Registration, Patient...

MikeUSAF in Chatsworth, California

Updated 79 months ago

Capital one teller training - 2 Replies

I was just curious, I know it's a 2 week training program. Is it 9-5 mon-fri for the two weeks? What are the training hours (for Houston, tx idk if...

MikeUSAF in Chatsworth, California

Updated 79 months ago

how is the traning for a teller position.. is it hardd? - 1 Reply

I m waiting for me them to call me .. I just had my face to face interview done last friday and they said they will call if we got the job or send an...

Garcia in Ontario, California

searching for employee's of the wacovia Branch in Ontario Ca

Hi I need to find employees of the Wacovia bank in Ontario Ca that used to be on Euclid Ave It is vital that I speak to Lesley or Shannon I may have...


Updated 84 months ago

Tips for getting Referrals - 3 Replies

Hi everyone, I've just started working at Citibank as a new teller for the last few weeks but up till now I have mostly been observing tellers and...

hi friend in Duluth, Georgia

Bank teller job search

Hi everybody.. I am sft professional in USA. My wife got Green card last month. And we r thinking about start job search for her as bank teller may...

Kanivakil in Ventura, California

Updated 86 months ago

Teller Referals - 6 Replies

Woodland Hills, California 1 month ago Hi everyone, I've just started working at Citibank as a new teller for the last month and I have been...

John in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 87 months ago

Banking Career Options - Thoughts? - 1 Reply

Hi, I have been approached by a supervisor asking which of three possible career paths I might be interested in. He mentioned Portfolio Analyst,...

dvann0623 in Mount Clemens, Michigan

Citizens Financial Group- Passed Test, Still No Answer?

I applied to charter one bank and I passed the assessment. I was allowed to post my application onto their site for recruiters. I applied 2 weeks ago...

dvann0623 in Mount Clemens, Michigan

Citizens Financial Group- Passed Test, Still No Answer?

I applied to charter one bank and I passed the assessment. I was allowed to post my application onto their site for recruiters. I applied 2 weeks ago...

Chuck in Houston, Texas

Updated 87 months ago

career and resume - 2 Replies

Hi, I just moved to Houston from Michigan not too long ago to try to find a real career. I had been waiting tables and bartending for six years...

Carman in Lanham, Maryland

Updated 87 months ago

What more should I do? - 2 Replies

Oh my! I must have filled out over 60 teller applications for different banks and I have yet to get a response, at least an interview. I have about a...

Luna in Davenport, Florida

Updated 87 months ago

Must be able to lift 30 lbs.? - 2 Replies

I have seen a local job posting for a part time teller position. What puzzles me though, is that one of the requirements is the ability to lift a...

Luna in Davenport, Florida

Updated 87 months ago

Job - 5 Replies

For a new commer getting ajob too much defficalt.Why?

Sasha in Davenport, Florida

Updated 87 months ago

if your drawer is short twice in almost one month what is the procedures? - 2 Replies

I was curios as to the rules of wells fargo in regards to your drawer being short or over what it the rules

TJ098 in Brooklyn, New York

Citibank Tellers

How many days and hours a week do CitiBank tellers work?

jayne in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 90 months ago

Drug testing for bank teller position - 3 Replies

Can banks drug test you at interviews or do they have to notify you beforehand? Do they use urine tests or mouth swab tests?

Catch 22 in Park Forest, Illinois

How to get my foot in the door

Hi, I just recently moved to Chicago from Poland. I've been looking for any job at a bank with no luck. I have a masters degree in International...

Stephanie in Gibsonton, Florida

Updated 93 months ago

Frst Time Bank Teller. help. THanks - 8 Replies

I am a semester 2 freshman in college and a accounting major. I tried getting a internship at a CPA firm that a family friend knows, but he said he...

hey in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 98 months ago

salary - 5 Replies

How much an hour do bank tellers typically make in WACHOVIA

o.O in Los Angeles, California

Updated 99 months ago

Skipping the teller position - 10 Replies

I have a few friends who have a BA in Economics and a minor in Business Administration. They had no previous banking experience but they managed to...

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