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ja114023 in Fort Worth, Texas

110 months ago

what do you want to hear or what type of answers do you expect to get when asked "Is there any questions you would like to ask me" or when they say "any questions"...

This question goes to the person who does the interviews.
I ask this because I've been asked this at all my interviews, well most. And one time i did ask a few questions to my interviewer and then she asked if that was all. Meaning if that was all the questions I had for her and kind of meaning if that was it b/c it sounded like she wanted me to ask her more questions. So I say "None that I can think of at the moment". So help! Need to improve in this part.

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KMF2 in Virginia

101 months ago

Had an interview last week and the recruiter told me to ask at least one question and have 3 questions ready just in case they had answer one of the questions during the interview. My question was "Where is the teller training located?"

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BrianJ in Johnson City, Tennessee

94 months ago

I started asking real questions from stuff I actually cared about knowing like "what is the training like?" "how is the structure set up, what tier is this market?"

But the old BS questions seemed to work better, so I may go back to BS. Here are some good ones:

What is a suprising (in a good way) thing a new employee could do in the first 6 months?

find some of their BS like "we empower our employees..." and ask them about how they do that. they squirm sometimes to find an answer its fun.

How did you get your start at this company? They love to talk about themselves.

These have worked really well in the past

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