New York Competition

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Epsilon in Bronx, New York

122 months ago

So, I went to an interview today, and my game was pretty tight. It usually is because open calls have like 30+ peeps there. And as a guy, you have to step it up that much more.

Resume was spot on, I was qualified for just about any job in the city, and they took one look at it and said "thanks, for coming bye" basically. So unless theyre opening up a new Tunnel or something, I don't understand. And don't say its cause they wanted girls, cause they didn't post or indicate that they only wanted females.

Whats the deal? You gotta have worked at Crobar or Pacha to get a job now? I worked at some pretty decent clubs in new york city here. Why should I downgrade my job and work at a restaraunt when I've worked at some serious places?

Anyone else getting frustrated with this?


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