Any interests in starting a medical billing & collections/consultant/ small operation in the Dayton area?

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Diane in Dayton, Ohio

78 months ago

I have had 20+ years in the medical/chiropractic billing areas and also had my own billing company. I also did consulting (by word of mouth) as to how to improve staff performance, streamline procedures and maximizing reimbursement.
All of the above took place in NY/NJ. I also was a "nys WC Specialist" and did same in NJ. I keep current (or try to) on changes as well as OH rules and regs.
Having stated my background strictly for "FYI" not to "impress" anyone-I am seeing that the docs who "outsource" to the bigger billing companies are not really getting what they thought they were getting. Thus, I would like to start up a company that would be not only cost effective but would also
establish a bit of a "personal touch/personal relationship" so the docs feel comfortable with a company that will listen and give quality service.
If anyone else is thinking along these lines, let's talk about it. All it takes is knowledge, hard work and a home computer than can be networked onto one billing program.

Hoping to get some positive comments. Also, all recommendations/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Diane in Beavercreek!


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