How to get an interview?

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Eagle258 in Fayetteville, Tennessee

101 months ago

I've been out of work for 6 months. Unfortunately the last 2 jobs I've had, I quit without notice, but before that I have a real good rapport with my former employers. Also because of a bad marriage, I have a recent bankruptcy on my record. Many companies hire today through online applications and you never have a chance to talk to anybody. I was able to get in front of one person in 6 months and her concern was that I was applying for a job making less than half of what I used to earn and thought I would leave as soon as I found something better. My resume is basic with a quick Objective and my work history. Should I address the concerns in my resume they may have with quitting my last 2 jobs before they even call my former employers? With one employer I left, I had to file a case with the IRS and I know I'll never get a good recommendation from them. Any tips? Thanks for your time.


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