hospital chaplain positions or related chaplain positions

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Min.Jones in San Francisco, California

131 months ago










Dean McDaniel in Tulsa, Oklahoma

130 months ago

Looking for a chaplain job.


Pastor Kate in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

123 months ago

I am seking a postion of Chaplain for any ordanization. I live in Oakland County, MI. I have a Master's of Divinity, 2 years + plus for work.
Protestant Denomination and eligible for Ordination.


Olubunmi Olumuyiwa in Birmingham, United Kingdom

120 months ago

Kindly send me an application pack. I'm keenly interested in becoming a chaplain


were the rubber hits the road in Calgary, Alberta

110 months ago

I am a pastor wishing to go into the chaplaincy side of ministry. I have seven units of CPE speciality in children and oncology with children and adults. Hospice chaplaincy is also a place I have experience and passion. "Where the Rubber hits the Road ministry".


Claudionor Fernando Sampaio in San Francisco, California

100 months ago

Virginia in Oakland, California said: As a Board Certified Chaplain with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains may I comment, Father Claudionor, that professional chaplaincy requires a master's degree in theology or divinity or ministry, as well as professional preparation through four units (one full year) of Clinical Pastoral Experience and the competencies to achieve Board Certification. Many non-ordained Catholic women and men are multilingual with pastoral experience, but achieve chaplaincy only after meeting the NACC standards; being a male clergyman is not a necessary criterion. Although male clergymen often have admirable pastoral skills, only those who meet the professional standards of health care chaplaincy are competent for this specialized ministry. May your quest for ministry in health care chaplaincy be met with appropriate preparation. However, most health care facilities do appreciate priestly availability for sacramental services, which (unfortunately) many qualified Catholic chaplains are unable to provide. Peace and all goodness, Virginia.

Thanks Virginia!


Claudionor Fernando Sampaio in San Francisco, California

100 months ago

Hi Virginia!
Thanks for your answer!
Father Claudionor


Susan in Greenville, South Carolina

100 months ago

I am an educator who possesses Oklahoma teacher certification in Social Studies (grades 6-12; all areas) and English (grades 5-12). In addition, I am experienced in the area of student diagnostic testing. My current residence is Greenville, SC, but i want to resume my former residence in Tulsa, OK. I am open to teaching in both private or public school.Can anyone help me?


Donna in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

98 months ago

I have an Associates Degree in applied science/Nursing.
12 years of Nursing experience in the field of Open Heart nursing
2 years of home Health nursing in Birmingham AL.
Retired from Nursing.

I am also licensed by Rhema Bible Church( in Broken Arrow OK) in Pastoral Ministry.
Currently serving as Associate Pastor at Sonrise Family Fellowship.
Looking for a career that blends both successfully!


Associate Pastor in Troy, Michigan

96 months ago

I have 38 years of experience in ministry and I'm still young and have a lot of energy. Looking for a leadership position in any Christian denomination. Special interest in building a center for spirituality. Have a D.Min. and many years in the Catholic Church. Certified spiritual director, former staff member of training institute.


Carlos T.Folmann in Boca Raton, Florida

93 months ago

I'm a chaplians by United Chaplins International,and i looking to serv in Jail or Hospital.I'm a Christian for long time,belive in second chance,healing,transformation of carater.I love people,i'm avalable,and i realy love to produce something great for the Kingdon of Christ.Please,send me a e-mail.Thank you.


Paul Fanka in Fort Worth, Texas

92 months ago

I am looking for a chaplain position in any hospital, nursing home of hospice. I have 32 years experince in the ministry. Have a Certificate in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Baylor Hospital where I did 60 Hours On-Call. My skill in this area includes;intentional reflective listening, patient center visitation care, probing to discover the feelings and needs of Patient and communicating with Staff and doctors on patient’s needs. I love to work with patients.


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