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Elizabeth in Salt Lake City, Utah

130 months ago

I need to interview a civil engineer for school will someone please answer my questions:
1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of someone working in civil engineering.
2.What is some specific job is this field?
3.What is your specialty in engineering?
4.What are some projects you’ve worked on?
5.Do you have assignment that seem to drag on for ever or are they usually pretty quick?
6.Is their any specific tool or equipment required for the job?
7.What are the advantages of this occupation?
8.Are their any disadvantages?
9.So do most people work for themselves , private industry or the government?
10.does were you live make a difference in your salary
11.Is their over time pay? many hours do you work per week? you have to travel?
14.what is the retirement benefits?
15.Is it possible to work at home (like if you’re sick)? you work alone or with other people ?
17.Were their any test or licenses you had to get before you became an engineer?
18.What are you most satisfying experience so far?
19.Is this what you thought you were going to to do in high school? How about in collage?
20.What degree did you get in college?
21.How long did you work in you profession?
22.Do you have any advice for someone looking to go into engineering?


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