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Updated 14 hours ago

San Diego CLS Jobs - 1 Reply

I’ve heard scripps is a great hosptial to work at. I would say definitely apply there.


CSULA and UCI CLS Program 2019

Anyone applying to these programs for 2019 ? If so do you know when we get an email saying the coordinators got our applications?


Updated 18 hours ago

Stats for Those Attending/Attended CSULA? - 5 Replies

I just applied for this application cycle to start in August 2019. Has anyone received an email saying they got your application ?


Updated 6 days ago

CLS Program (SJSU/SFSU/UCD) Fall 2019 - 32 Replies

[QUOTE who="AAA4 in Mountain View, California"]I received a confirmation email from SJSU and the google doc of progress. I also seem to have trouble...


Updated 6 days ago

Hopeful CLS Applicants - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="Julo"]I took courses kind of all over the place. A few I took online from Weber state university which really helped but they no longer...



Hello, Just curious if anyone has finished the CSU Channel Island CLS program? If so, how was it? Is it a good program? & Is it not NAACLS...


2019 update for medical technologists

1. How is the field compared to 5 years ago? 2. Are less jobs being posted because of the technology/machines being implemented? 3. Are hospitals...


Updated 22 days ago

Application Personal Statement - 1 Reply

I second this question!


Updated 1 month ago


My advice is to go to the NAACLS website. If you go to the website, they have a list of all the NAACLS approved CLS programs in other states. If the...


Updated 1 month ago

CLS Applicants SPRING 2018 - 22 Replies

Hi, I am wondering if any of you from NorCal applied and got accepted to any of the SoCal programs. I was under the impression that programs give...


Updated 1 month ago

Is it hard to find CLS employment in California - 5 Replies

It took me about 90 days but I had every single thing necessary for the application. Plus, I hounded them every week via email until I got it....

lots of applying

Updated 1 month ago

Question about online hematology course - 23 Replies

Hey guys, not sure if you're still checking this page but I'm also in the class about to take the final soon. For studying I would suggest using...


Updated 1 month ago

LFS Hematology Requirement - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="CLSTrainee in Los Angeles, California"]It doesn't have to be part of your Bachelor's degree. I took hematology at CSULA two years after...


Updated 1 month ago

cls processing - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="gracy in Ottawa, Ontario"]Hi guys..California Department of Health just received my requirements this week..just want to know when I...

San Bernardino County CLS

Updated 1 month ago

You guys are crazy staying in California - 33 Replies

I agree? What is bs and why are you so hostile. No one is claiming that there's something special about our education, you were just complaining...


Updated 1 month ago

There are other ways to become a California CLS then getting into one of the rare CLS program spots in California - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Scigal in Harbor City, California"]So as long as its NAACLS certified it would be accepted by California? Or would you have to work in...


Updated 1 month ago

Worried about GPA for CLS program - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="CLS2B in Los Angeles, California"]Hi all, First off, let me mention my stats. 2.6 GPA overall and 2.8 last 90, (I have over 240 units...

jolo alonzo

Updated 1 month ago

Which master degree to pursue for a CLS? - 2 Replies

I, personally, will do an MBA. [QUOTE who="CLS in Lancaster, California"]I have this question too. But I'd like to stay out of management and...


Updated 2 months ago

[CA] Need HELP navigating application process - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="CLS PERSON in Riverside, California"]Hi! I would love to answer any question you may have.[/QUOTE] Do you mind sharing what major you...


Updated 2 months ago

CLS program (SJSU/SFSU) Spring 2019 Applicants - 91 Replies

[QUOTE who="Gianna in Chico, California"]Hi! I have been accepted and will be going with Stanford as well. I am looking for roommates (possibly) to...


Tips on Clinical Experience for CLS programs

Hello everyone, I would like to gain clinical experience for cls programs while taking courses in school. Does anyone have any tips on what places...



Hello, I want to pursue a career as a CLS and was wondering if anyone could help me gather information. I just recently graduated from CSUN with a...


Updated 3 months ago

B.S in Biology... what next to become a CLS - 9 Replies

Hello NClark007! So I'm actually a student at Carolinas college of health sciences now. I got accepted into the Histotechnology program which I...


Updated 3 months ago

Does a non-science degree hurt my chances of getting into a CLS program? - 3 Replies

Hello CLSANXIOUS, Don't worry, you're not alone! I am in the same boat. I graduated with a psych degree and still taking some core courses. I know...


Updated 3 months ago

Can anyone answer questions about Esisenhower Medical Center/s CLS program? - 23 Replies

I’m applying this year for CLS program . Any advices about the program interview and the easiness about the rotations ء. I’m a ClS major graduated...


Updated 4 months ago

Advice about CLS programs in Bay Area - 2 Replies

Thank you so much for your input! It's encouraging to know that with some elbow grease it can be done, and I am willing to put in the work. I also...


Looking to start CLS program next year, few questions

Hello! I have been considering entering a CLS program for a while and have finally found one that may work for me. I have a BS in Biology and...


Updated 5 months ago

Clinical Laboratory Sciences: Better to do Post-Bacchlaureate or a Masters/PhD - 1 Reply

if texas A&m HAS AN CLS department, i would ask them what are the requirements for getting into the program first. Your still at least a year of...


Updated 5 months ago

Hematology Class Offered in San Jose, CA area? - 25 Replies

Also, is MLS 1114 4 Prin Hematology ONLINE course at weber the same course as the hematology required for CLS at San jose state?

clsllu in Fresno, California

Updated 5 months ago

LLU CLS Summer 2018 Applicants - 26 Replies

Hello I Thought I'd make this thread for other applicants to talk to each other about their application process. Reading other indeed threads like...

FutureCLS145 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 5 months ago

CA only CLS License - 1 Reply

I was looking into programs. I was curious if anyone can tell me if there is any difference between CA license only versus ASCP if I plan on staying...

Faustina in California

Updated 6 months ago

Help with Core Requirements - 1 Reply

Hello! So my situation is a bit odd but I was hoping maybe somebody could help me out with some information. So I'm originally from California, but...

AspiringCLS in Davis, California

Updated 6 months ago

California CLS Fall 2017 applicants - 158 Replies

Not sure if there is a thread going on, but thought to start one in case there isn't. I applied to four programs this application cycle, and received...

Julio in New Hyde Park, New York

Updated 7 months ago

CLS Fall 2018 Applicants - 70 Replies

Has anyone heard from SFSU yet for Fall 2018? The deadline was Nov 1. I realize it may be too early to email them, but I am more and more eager each...

Kiki in Eugene, Oregon

Updated 7 months ago

Sharing CLS Application Experience - 76 Replies

Hello prospective CLS applicants, I applied for the Fall 2016 application cycle. Reading various CLS-related sites/forums especially Indeed really...

mgs in Fresh Meadows, New York

Updated 7 months ago

CLS physics requirement - 11 Replies

I need help! It says I need physics with electricity and light. There are a lot of different physics options at CC's and I'm wondering what you all...

CLSUndergrad in Fresno, California

Updated 9 months ago

When to apply for CLS trainee’s license? - 2 Replies

I was thinking maybe right before I graduate to apply. I’m so frustrated because none of the CLS advisors at my school know anything about the CLS...

aiylee in Monrovia, California


Received my CGMBS license a few years ago after working as a trainee at a company that offered training to their lab assistants (hired after getting...

LenaK in Eureka, California

Quantitative Analysis course

Hello Indeed Community, I am in the process of completing the required courses for applying to CLS training programs in CA. I have completed Med...

HopefulFutureCLS in Compton, California

NAACLS Accredited vs ASPC - CA only CLS programs

I’ve been looking into different programs to apply to and noticed some are nationally accredited and some are California accredited only. Can anyone...

rockstan in San Ramon, California

Physics (light and electricity) taken in high schoo will be enough or notl? or course options in California

Hi, I have taken Physics twice in my high school, Grade 11 and 12th. Does anyone know if high school physics course will be enough for CDPH trainee...

enaxus in California

Updated 10 months ago

Considering to pursue a new career in CLS but not sure if I can do it - 2 Replies

So I graduated almost 2 years ago from UC Irvine with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and recently I've stumbled upon a new career path that I would...

kelly in San Jose, California

Updated 10 months ago

CLS Applicants Fall 2018 (primarily CA) - 4 Replies

Hello! I am a first time applicant for CLS. I am hoping to apply to as many possible programs possible (I really just want to get this career...

CLSsuperhopeful in Los Angeles, California

Vanderbilt 2018

Has anyone heard back from Vanderbilt? During my interview they mentioned that they would discuss all applicants at the end of Jan, but I haven't...

mag_cls in La Jolla, California

Updated 12 months ago

Looking to pursue new career in CLS but not sure how to approach with the best time and cost efficiency - 1 Reply

About 3 years into MRI tech career - it was a fallback option if Neuroscience research job didn't work out (horrible pay but i loved the job). Not a...

Clsstudent in Alhambra, California

Updated 12 months ago

Review books to sell - 1 Reply

Hi, I recently took and passed my test and I have a box full of study materials and books that I'm trying to get rid of. For $60, you will get the...

osubiochemist in Columbus, Ohio

Biochemistry BS to CLS -- what are the best options?

I am going to be graduating in May with a B.S. in biochemistry. I have recently realized that medical laboratory science is more of what I'd like to...

CLSUndergrad in Fresno, California

Microbiology/chemistry food lab experience helpful?

Hey everyone, I’ve had the hardest time gaining any type of clinical lab experience. It’s so frustrating! So I just landed an interview with a...

Nini in Elk Grove, California

Updated 14 months ago

CLS Training - 5 Replies

Hi I am a foreign CLS graduate. I have fulfilled all the requirements except for one. I only have 6 months of training, and need another 6 months. I...

Jyo in Dublin, Ohio

Updated 15 months ago

MLT to CLS in California - 5 Replies

Hello! I would like to become a CLS in the state of california however my gpa is too low to qualify for any of the CLS programs. I have a...

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