Is there any way to get entry level positions these days?

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WheelerMC in Wilmington, North Carolina

92 months ago

I have a B.S. in Clinical Research from The University of NC at Wilmington and I have spent over a year now trying to land my first entry level position. So far, nothing...I can't even get a call for an interview. I continually get rejected for entry level positions time after time: Project Assistant, Safety Administrator I etc etc. I have a good number of big name CROs in my city: PPD, Quintiles, Kendle, Novella, Chiltern. I need some honest advice, I can't keep going on like this when nobody will even give me the slightest thought. Maybe it is time to quit and accept the fact I will be delivering pizza the rest of my life. Does anyone have any insight that will help me out?


PJ in Raleigh, North Carolina

87 months ago

I don't have your qualifications in Clinical Research, but have worked in the field as a contractor in data entry in both Averion in Massachusetts, and Premier Research here in RTP. I was turned down twice by Quintiles (although a co-worker who slept at his job got gired there--go figure!), although it was for the same job. Also by PRA, INC and Paraxel. I really don't know what to do, either. A lot of CRA jobs are listing now. Have you tried applying as a contractor?


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