can a person with chemistry background get a job in Clinical research area?

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loyola in Coquitlam, British Columbia

123 months ago


I am a chemistry graduate from Canada. I am currently taking a course to get the diploma for clinical research associate and GCP certification. Now I am worried that I won't be able to get a job as I do not have any degree in health science. I wanted to work for pharmaceuticals and thats why I chose this professional course. Any idea?? I mean, do you think people with chemistry background can get a job in clinical research area? Thanks for your time.


Suzanne in Montreal, Quebec

121 months ago

I have a chemistry background but took evening courses in clinical research in order to switch. However, this was in the early 90's. It is more difficult to do this today. CROs will hire less experienced people but have difficulty assigning them to studies as sponsors often required 2 years CRA experience. One way to enter the field is to apply for a Clinical Trials Assistant position and accept to work in this position for a few years before moving into CRA work. The advantage of doing this is that you will develop a good knowledge of regulatory documents management which will help in a CRA career.
Good luck!


singarisreenivasulu24@*****.*** in Madras, India

105 months ago

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cranewbienetwork in Detroit, Michigan

104 months ago

I would also suggest considering a Clinical Research Coordinator role for experience as well.

Additionally, if anyone is interested in information on training and other resources for those with little or no research experience and looking to become a CRA, please check out and join the new site CRA Newbie Network at

There are not many resources for the non-experienced CRA on the web and this site aims to help:) Thanks and good luck.


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