is it possible to work from home and not travel

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melanie in San Francisco, California

133 months ago

I have been a CRA for over 5 years, internationally, I have only worked on the hospital side is pharma and investigator driven studies. I want to move to the industry side, but I live in the city, I don't have a car and I am afraid to fly. I know...

So is it possilbe to be a CRA work for industry, at home and only do local travel?

It sound to good to be true but I know a lot of monitors back in Australia that only travled 10 - 15% of the time even less, and were home based.


CCRA in Minneapolis, Minnesota

133 months ago

No it is definitely possible. I have one contract that is only local sites. It all depends on the questions you ask in the interview. Just tell them that you don't fly and you want local sites and see what they can give you. I don't know if I would come out and tell them I am afraid of flying, maybe just say that you have responsibilities close to home and you need to be local. However, some training may require you to fly, but this should be few and far between.

Good luck!


Dr. N in Elizabeth, New Jersey

104 months ago

Dr Yakub in Calcutta, India said: Please suggest me some work from Home job Sites.

Hi, Dr. Yakub...Just wondering what kind of Dr. are you? MD or PHD? Do you have experienced in Clinical trials?


Dr. N in North Bergen, New Jersey

104 months ago

hi, dr. yakub, can u give me your email address so that we can communicate through email. mine is

hope to hear from you soon.


jaai.d in Rockville, Maryland

96 months ago

I have been in the public health research field for 11 years and have mainly worked on clinical trials oncology studies both on the data management and mining side as well as the operational side. I am having an unexpectedly difficult time getting a CRA job and wanted to know what I was missing to demonstrate that I am able to carry out the functions of the role's expectations.

Can anyone please reach out to me that may be of help? I am moving to Chicago, IL and am interested in a job as a CRA working with Clinical Trials as they relate to Phase III Oncology studies; transplant, lymphoma, thoracic areas are of interest.

Thank you,

Jaai Deodhar


Larry f. in Bronx, New York

93 months ago

Perhaps consider working at a University medical center.... You can audit the research done at the university, just like a CRA would, but you do not travel. The pay is substantially less, but that is expected when you don't make the sacrifices travel requires.


Massa in New York, New York

89 months ago

I am an experienced CRA, but I don't have management experience so I am finding it difficult to compete for project manager positions. My main career goal at this time is to sleep in my own bed at night at least half the time and I find that's a dream recruiters sell and ne'er becomes a reality.

Does anyone have tips for How a CRA can reduce travel and not end up on 10 different protocols?


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