What are typical commercial construction superintendent salaries?

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Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?


TOM WILLIAMS in Dallas, Texas

133 months ago

Everyone cuts their own deal, but in general, the size of jobs a company does will dictate their salary levels.
Ground up, turn-key companies pay more than tenant finish out or remodel firms, because the total value of the project is more.
In the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, the top earners are probably making $65,000 to $90,000 per year.
Benefits vary and they always have a bearing on the salary amount.
One thing to watch out for is the tendency of some of the smaller companies to seek a "working superintendent".
That is someone who will not only manage the project, but work with his tools (usually carpentry), as well.
In reality, such a position doesn't exist.
A person is either a superintendent or they're not.
If you have enough time on your hands to swing a hammer, they don't need a superintendent on site in the first place.
Many recruiters will inflate the so called average superintendent's pay to appear more attractive to applicants.
Fact is, the majority of general construction companies will not use recruiting firms.

Some of the skills employers are most looking for are first aid training; preferrably with Red Cross certification, O.S.H.A. training (O.S.H.A. does not certify), S.W.P.P.P. training (storm water pollution prevention program) and last but not least, computer knowledge.
All these skills are in high demand today, as the old time, tobacco chewing, rusted pickup truck driving superintendent of the 60's and 70's has been replaced by an efficient, professional manager using all the tools modern technology can provide to complete his project on time, on budget and all the while protecting the interests of the General Contractor.


abnerlol in Hollywood, Florida

99 months ago

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97 months ago

In order to be a good superintendent you must have extensive knowledge in all the trade associated with building and have work at lease a couple of years in a MEP trade and Structual. There is no subsitute for experience. Most companies are finding this out. The colledge boy just does not have the knowledge as a well season trades man . This is what is bringing the trade down. They make mejor mistakes, and bring the pay scale way down.


jimmy in Alpine, California

97 months ago

you are absolutely correct. computer kowledge does not handle field situations. knowledge of all construction trades and forsight to compications of a single scope of work is very valuable.


misc in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

90 months ago

But it is helpful to be able to spell correctly morons...


carpenter/superintendent in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

69 months ago

You put down the old time superintendent like your better? All the knowledge that you possess came from the same people you're talking about. They did build everything by hand, They didn't have computers, total stations, and tenth of what we have today, but the building went up faster, better, and look a whole lot nicer then the ones today, You need to watch who you insult. I asked my father many times how they did it back then and how long did it take. His father and my uncles and brothers all learned from each other and men just like them. Or did you just wake up one day and decided to build a high-rise? I bet your one of those punk kids that wouldn't be a pimple on an old time superintendent #$%^? Or maybe your just talking about the superintendents in Texas? But I really think you got a degree and think you're a superintendent now. Have you ever done any tilt up with your own hands? Installed case work, Worked with cast in-place concrete or even stack a roof. Do you even know what am talking about? Or did you just see it done and are good at telling people what to do? Wow you are the best ever, I bet you tell everyone, that you are the best superintendent that you know? I would love to go again you on a job.


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