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What do you enjoy most about computer operator work? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and advance?

What keeps you at your job?


Bob in Reston, VA

142 months ago

I have been a Computer Operator now over twenty years. Is this a dying profession.Or is my age the problem. Age 53.


Emma in Stamford, CT

142 months ago

I searched Computer Operator on the Job Trends and there doesn't seem to be any indication that it's decreasing (

I also did a search for Computer Operator in Reston, VA and increased the distance to a 50 mile radius. Maybe that will give you a broader range:


alex in Columbus, Ohio

136 months ago

Bob said: I have been a Computer Operator now over twenty years. Is this a dying profession.Or is my age the problem. Age 53.

i think its a dying profession as more and more remote admin software is used and less physical connection with the machines is needed. that being said i just got my job as an operator 5 or 6 month ago so it isnt a dead proffesion. i hope to use this job as a starting point to go into help desk or network administration


Corey in West Bloomfield, Michigan

125 months ago

I agree that operations is a dying profession. There are still jobs out there but not in Michigan. The jobs are being shipped overseas or eliminated all together. Might be an ok job to start out but don't think it will be a long term career.


stan in Garfield, New Jersey

113 months ago

We'd have alot more Computer Operator positions if not for the following reasons.
1) Bush gave tax breaks to companies, but the executive offices remained in the U.S.A. but the data processing departments went to India. Those companies should have never gotten ANY tax breaks unless they hired AMERICANS - no hiring a U.S. citizen, no tax break.
2) Speaking of India, we can thank the British for colonizing it and the people speak perfect English.
3) Why pay a Computer Operator 30.00 an hour when someone in Mumbai, India perform the same job for 5.00 an hour - case closed.


shadgu in Woodbridge, Virginia

111 months ago

I have experience over 18 years in computer operator position. Very hard to find a job.


Super in Frankfort, Kentucky

94 months ago

waht degree u need for this? is associates fine from a community college?


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