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Updated 8 days ago

Older Workers in Construction - 40 Replies

What skills do you bring to the job that younger workers are missing? We oler workers bring the practical application of science and math that...

A. Hevener

41 yrs as an Insulator

Was union for 40 yrs went non union have been harassed and abused including Sexual by everyone including Supervision they(Skyway) even had Suncor...

Jalen Williams in Dearborn, Michigan

Updated 12 months ago

Searching for a job - 2 Replies

Hello I’m 17 years old about to be 18 in a couple of months I’ve been looking for a job since I’ve turned 16. Can someone give me some suggestion or...

Mackenzie in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 18 months ago

Women in construction - 14 Replies

I have been in construction for about 8 years. I Love It!!! Although I still find it difficult for some of the men to take me seriously.. On the...

bridgeman1374 in Kearney, Missouri

multiple job listings--same company, different locations

So I have an inquiry>>>Let's say that Contractor ABC has a job posting for a carpenter, location listed Lenexa, KS. as well as a posting for a...

John in East Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 22 months ago

Should I pursue further education in construction or stick with estimating co-op? - 1 Reply

This December, I will graduate with an Associate of Applied Science in Drafting & Design Technology. We can choose an area of specialization, or...

smartymcfly31@*****.*** in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 27 months ago

Concrete/Construction - 1 Reply

Hello, I am getting my passport tomorrow and wanted to know if anyone may be on here that does concrete/construction overseas. I will email more in...

belinda chirinos in Humble, Texas

Updated 27 months ago

construction cleaning - 1 Reply

im a sub contractor in drywall painting hanging sheetrock

billy in Houston, Texas

How to get entry level experience as a construction managment student

Hello! I am eager to get my foot in the door for experience in construction management. I have been doing research on possible entry level fields...

concretemichigan in Howell, Michigan

Where are all the workers??

We have been trying all year to find a dependable construction labor to work with us. We have numerous friends who own framing and concrete crews...

enrico in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 51 months ago

where are the bricklayers at - 60 Replies

hows the work where you live here in cleveland work is slow, few schools , no houses and company men get all the work

Frances in Belleview, Florida

Updated 53 months ago

Find work will travel - 14 Replies

After 25 years this is the 1st time I have had trouble finding work. Any construction job...can do. esp. siding,framing,windows. Have ref. in...

sathish.sk89 in Kumar, India

why is not getting jobs from North Americas for construction field for indians

I am estimator (Construction industry).Last 3 years,I am trying to search jobs in Morth americas (canada,us).Still I'm not gettting. Is there any...

BeckonsAttore in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Updated 64 months ago

Changing from environmental consulting to construction? - 2 Replies

Hi, I'm stuck in a rut and any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm a 25-year-old environmental consultant for the federal government...

michelle in Tampa, Florida

lack of finding work cause this computer stuff

i cant find a good job cause im computer aliturit,my husband too. we just moved to florida and we are just not able to get it goin finding any...

Heather in Baytown, Texas

Updated 79 months ago

Out of work construction laborer - 6 Replies

Its ridiculous that all the construction work that's going on in city of chicago,a hard working and easy to learn new challenges guy like myself cant...

Randall.Petts in Germantown, Wisconsin

Updated 82 months ago

Honest, Hard worker. - 2 Replies

I am well schooled in construction, i am old-school, have tools live in salt lake city, have plenty of experience.

dunno in Adelaide, Australia

Updated 83 months ago

Where is all the work at. - 3 Replies

Im the owner of a small construction buisness and ive been hearing about the huricanes and how they have destroyed every thing how can i get started

Jeffrey Jerome Pitts in Kuwait, Kuwait

Updated 86 months ago

construction jobs in haiti - 89 Replies

i have been hearing about jobs starting up in Haiti. does anyone have any knowledge of companys hiring for these jobs?

Sandwo1f in Chapel Hill, Tennessee

Updated 89 months ago

What does an operator have 2 do - 1 Reply

Does anyone know if you can get a job in afhganistan as a concrete pump operator or any kind of concrete/construction business?

anthony nowell in Norfolk, Virginia

apprentice plumbers

here in norfolk virginia construction is dead

rafael in Houston, Texas

Updated 90 months ago

Flagger - 1 Reply

Where to find the FLAGGER Certification Manual

jojo in Forest Hills, New York

Updated 91 months ago

want to weld - 1 Reply

i want to weld pipe and am wondering what is the best way in union or go to a trade school and go that way and info would be thankful to help me get...

SNEAS in Winter Haven, Florida

Are their any construction/raod crew/landscape companies in Polk County, FL that are hiring laborers right now?

I am out of work and would like to get a job doing construction or landscaping as a laborer to begin with. Does anyone know if any companies are...

Freelancer Girl in Seattle, Washington

Any Asian females in construction field willing to be interviewed?

Hello! I am writing a story for a local weekly on Asian females in the construction field. I am looking specifically for Asian females. If anybody...

Marshall in West Des Moines, Iowa

Updated 92 months ago

Hard to fine work in the construction Industry, as a woman - 17 Replies

I have been on serveral jobs here in the area, I was promise a job to go to Kansas, by a Forman with another company. There were condition behind his...

Eric.D in Chicago, Illinois

Out of work "union" laborer

I find it very hard to believe that in the city of Chicago,I cant get hired in the field of construction.With over ten years as a laborer and semi...

c.bethley in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Updated 96 months ago

Help - 2 Replies

im 19 i really want to get into road construction. ive been searching around the internet but i cant find anything. What do i need to start.

Meherun in Houston, Texas

Need some in fo about plumbing in Houston,tx.

I am 30 years old. I have worked in the Avaition industry for about 10 years. I was a ramp supervisor. There are no noney there whats so ever. I need...

fouad in Algiers, Algeria

Updated 105 months ago

Painters - 2 Replies

Where are all the painting jobs in San Diego Ca? Looking to work for a good company can't seem to find work period in san diego probley that way...

bteacher68@*****.*** in Lancaster, Texas

Updated 105 months ago

electrican - 1 Reply

where is all the electrical, or solar work in tucson

Jim W. in Tacoma, Washington

Updated 106 months ago

Construction Jobs Outlook Iimproving - 2 Replies

Florida has been a bad construction jobs market for the last several years with foreclosures and unemployment on the rise. However it seems the...

illwill in Chicago, Illinois

concrete carpenter


ca-joe in Oakland, California

construction industry jobs forecast 2010

The construction industry is forecast to lose many more jobs in many parts of the country, however some of the states that are expected to be...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 107 months ago



illwill in Chicago, Illinois



- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 108 months ago

iron worker apprentice - 1 Reply

I was just put on the list and im looking for a sponsor to give me my first job or a program to train me on the basics

Proud Painter in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 109 months ago

carpenter - 1 Reply

i am a union worker local 1506 looking for work. going through my apprenticeship program 7th stage. framer,drywall, welder.

Gayle in San Mateo, California

Updated 110 months ago

Show me the money... - 22 Replies

What are typical construction worker salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

david harris in Lexington, South Carolina

Updated 110 months ago

Skilled and Certified Welder Fab and Millwright seeking work - 5 Replies

I am a 25yr vet of the construction and welding trades. seeking work skilled and certified craftsmen have tools and transportation.

yankee doodle in New York, New York

Updated 110 months ago

I need an example of a fatal construction accident for a story I'm writing - 3 Replies

I'm writing a story where someone dies in a construction mishap and I need some help filling in the blanks. There are two construction workers (let's...

bsfp in New York, New York

Has anyone out there had to deal with debt/repossession? Do you want to tell your story?

Hey all, I'm posting to ask if anyone out there in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT...even PA) has ever had to deal with their car or any other...

michael aaenson in Perris, California

middle mang./construction/laborer

I have 20+ years experients in general construction. In that time I have delt with crews,other foremen,project managers,inspectors and project...

bradleykjones@*****.*** in Jupiter, Florida

ROCKCRETE USA- Machine Footings, Trench Drains & Pits

Specialize in the construction of concrete footings,industrial base pads, trench drains & pits. Cutting, coring & drilling services.If anyone need...

joshua grooms in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

young ambitions!

i'm 17 and my father and grandfather have tought me many thing about the trade of carpenty! I HAD A 3.7 GPA IN SCHOOL and i have good intentions its...

MWnMobile in Mobile, Alabama

Hey hopefully we can help one another find work...

Hey just wanted to let you know about another good job search site... completely free membership... and it has a live chat service to talk to other...

Louis Mulrain in Evans, Georgia

Updated 113 months ago

construction work - 2 Replies

last job field construction mgr.

yoram benamram in Pascagoula, Mississippi

hope to find very soon gob in ms or la .

hi: i just wish to find gob in construction.if we need to wait for obama we can wait for ever.i look for any kind gob in construction in mississippi...

steve mullen in Owensboro, Kentucky

construction/labor looking for work


NOMSAK in Benin

Updated 114 months ago

concrete supervisor - 1 Reply

I am searching for a position of this kind with company in savannah,Hinesville area,I have 20 yrs experience in concrete field,curb n gutter,flat...

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